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When was narcolepsy first described?
What was the first treatment for narcolepsy and when was it first used?
Amphetamines, 1935
When was the Sleep Onset REM period first established?
When was canine narcolepsy first described?
When was hypocretin in animals first described?
When was hypocretin in humans first described?
What is the narcolepsy tetrad?
-Excessive Daytime Sleepiness (EDS)
-Sleep paralysis
-Hypnagogic Hallucinations
What are the four types of narcolepsy as described by the ICSD-2?
-Narcolepsy with cataplexy
-Narcolepsy without cataplexy
-Narcolepsy due to medical condition
-Narcolepsy unspecified:
-presence or absence of cataplexy
-assumptions about cause
Between what ages is narcolepsy most predominate?
15-30 years
How was the Multiple Sleep Latency Test developed?
-Grew out of clinical interest in 1970s
-Need for formalized, objective, measure of sleepiness
-Developed from a series of sleep deprivation experiments
When is hypocretin testing useful for diagnosing narcolepsy?
-when sleep apnea makes MSLT interpretation difficult
-patient unable to withdraw from medications that affect MSLT
-can be used as long as pt as cataplexy
What is the diagnostic criteria for narcolepsy?
-Mean Sleep Latency (MSL) of 8 minutes or less
-2 or more naps contain REM
-normal and sufficient nocturnal sleep occurred in preceding PSG
What are the number of naps (MSLTs) required to diagnose narcolepsy?
-4 naps, two sleep onset REM (SOREM)
-5 if only one SOREM
How is daytime sleepiness evaluated?
-any epoch of REM occurring within 15 minutes of sleep onset
-more than 15 secs of REM
-number of naps containing REM counted
-REM latency (sleep onset to first epoch of REM)
What is the Mean Wake Time (MWT) test protocol?
1) 4, 40 minute trials every 2 hrs starting 1.5-3 hrs after wake
2) Sleep Onset: 1st epoch of any stage
3) No sleep, terminated after 40 minutes
4) Sleep, continued for 3 epochs of 1, one epoch of any other stage