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reciprocating engine
engine with a series of pistons connected to a rotating crankshaft
rotary engine that extracts power from a fluid flow
direct-shaft turbine
shaft turbine engine in which the compressor and power section are mounted on a common driveshaft
free turbine
a turboshaft engine with no physical connection between the compressor and power output shaft
chip detector
a warning device that alerts to abnormal wear in a transmission or engine.

consists of a magnetic plug that attracts any ferrous metal particles that may have come loose
freewheeling unit
a component of the transmission or power train that automatically disconnects the main rotor from the engine when the engine stops or slows below the equivalent rotor rpm
swash plate
transmits control inputs from the collective and cyclic controls to the main rotor blades
fuel control system
brings outside air into the engine, mixes it with fuel in the proper proportion, and delivers it to the combustion chamber
low space that collects an often-undesirable liquid

e.g. oil ~
rpm gauge
a mechanism for transmitting rotation, which can be engaged or disengaged
a one-way freewheel clutch
a device that restrains the motion of a mechanism or brings a mechanism to rest
a device to permit constrained relative motion between two parts (typically rotation or linear movement)
ammeter or loadmeter
measuring instrument used to measure the flow of electric current in a circuit
type of overcurrent protection device (usu. w/ a metal wire or strip that melts)
device that blends air and fuel for internal combustion
study of the mechanical properties of liquids
Stability Augmentation System
Ground-based navigation system consisting of very high frequency omnidirectional range stations which provide course guidance.
(Instrument Landing System) - A precision instrument approach system, which normally consists of the following electrical components and visual aids: localizer, glide slope, outer marker, and approach lights.
Global Positioning System - a satellite-based radio positioning, navigation, and time-transfer system
Instrument Flight Rules - Rules that govern the procedure for conducting flight in weather conditions below VFR weather minimums. The term is also used to define weather conditions and they type of flight plan under which an aircraft is operating.
ram air
the use of flowing air by a moving object for power
intake manifold
part of an engine that supplies fuel/air mixture to the cylinders
exhaust manifold
collects the exhaust gases from multiple cylinders into one pipe