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What vertebral levels is the thyroid gland found at?
Where is the isthus of the thyroid gland found?
Tracheal rings 2 or 3
What are the major arteries to the thyroid gland?
Superior and inferior thyroid
What is the origin of the superior and inferior thyroid arteries?
Superior thyroid from ECA
Inferior thyroid from thyrocervical trunk
What is the small artery that approaches the thyroid gland along the trachea?
Thyroid ima
Where can the thyroid ima arise from?
Brachiocephalic trunk, aortic arch, R-CCA, subclavian, or internal thoracic
What are the 3 veins that drain the thyroid?
and Inferior thyroid
What is the drainage of the 3 veins that drain the thyroid?
Superior thyroid to IJV
Middle thyroid to IJV
Inferior thyroid to brachiocephalic
What is the secretomotor (parasympathetic) innervation to the thyroid and parathyroid?
There is NONE
What type of innervation innervates the thyroid and parathyroid? What does this do?
They are innervated by sympathetic fibers to the arteries of the gland. They are vasomotor NOT secretomotor.
What controls secretion of the thyroid and parathyroid?
Secretion of TSH from the pituitary gland
Where are superficial cervical nodes generally clustered?
Around the EJV and AJV
What are the superficial cervical nodes?
Pre-auricular and parotid
Where are deep cervical nodes generally found?
Along the IJV
What are the deep cervical nodes?
Superior deep cervical nodes
Jugulodigastric node (tongue)
Inferior deep cervical nodes
Jugulo-omohyoid node (tongue)
transverse cervical artery nodes
They are sentinal nodes that suggest metastasis of cancer, esp. breast cancer.
jugular trunk drain?
Head and neck
subclavian trunk drain?
Upper limb
bronchomediastinal trunk drain
Thorax and upper intercostals.
Thoacic duct
Posterior to carotid sheath
Lateral to esophagus
Joins left subclavian vein
Drains everything below the diaphragm
Lymph drainange right/left
Right- to subclavian vein directly or via right lymphatic duct

Left- Join thoracic duct to subclavian vein
Dorsal scapular artery muscles
Levator scapulae
Suprascapular artery muscles
Supra and infraspinatus
Ascending cervical artery supply
IV disc, neck mm. (longus colli), DRG, spinal nerves, spinal cord
Deep cervical artery supply
Transversus spinalis, radicular and segmental medullaries, erector spinae, spinalis