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What are the different ways the word "man" is used in Act 3 Scene 1?
man is used meaning manservant and an actual man
How and why have Romeo's actions toward Tybalt changed?
Romeo's actions changed because now that he is married to Juliet he is related to Tybalt and wants to be nicer. It changes again when T kills M, causing R to kill T
What injuries has Romeo bestowed upon Tybalt from Tybalt's point of view?
Tybalt was embarrased at the party when his uncle scolded him for wanting to fight Romeo.
What does passado mean?
Where did it first appear?
Passado- make a pass or move

It first appeared in the street scene with Mercutio and Benvolio
What are 2 ways Mercutio gets hurt?
Physically by Tybalt (gets stabbed)

Emotionally by Romeo (M. thinks R is betraying him)
How does Mercutio die?
he gets stabbed by T.
Where does Act 3 Scene 2 occur? what occurs in this scene?
the Capulets Orchard

Juliet speaks of how she wants the day to end so night can come and bring Romeo to her
2 Ex. of personification in 3-2
spread thy close curtain, love-performing night

come gentle night
Why does Juliet want her love Romeo "cut out in little stars"?
so that the world would love the night and there would be no use for day
What is Juliet impatient about?
she wants to see Romeo
2 sources that prove that Juliet dislikes day
"garish sun"

"so tedious is this day"
Describe the level of closeness between then Nurse and Juliet in 3-2
there is confusion about who died- Tybalt or Romeo, causing Juliet to become angry. Then the nurse becomes angry when she finds that Juliet is relieved it was T who died, not Romeo
What would Juliet do if it had been Romeo who died?
she would have killed herself
How did the nurse find out about Tybalt's death?
give proof
she saw it

"I saw the wound"
what literary device is this an example of- "pale, pale as ashes"
what moods are featured in 3-2?
What is the Nurse and Tybalt's relationship?
best friends
Where does Act 3- Scene 3 take place? what goes on?
Friar Lawrence's cell

FL informs R of the prince's decision
what is the prince's decision for Romeo's fate?

how is it different than the original plan?
the prince banishes R.

the original plan was to kill him, not banishment
What is Romeo's reaction to the decision?
banishment is as good as death
What is FL's advice to Romeo?
to go with it and that he is lucky its not death
Is FL considered an accomplice?
yes because he married the 2 of them, then promised to help Romeo
what city is Romeo headed for?
What significance does a nighting gale have? what s. does a lark have
N- that night is still there
L- that day has arrived
Does Juliet like or dislike the lark? why/why not?
she dislikes the lark because it means day has come and Romeo must leave
What does Lady Capulet think Juliet is crying about
Tybalts death
How does Juliet feel about marrying Paris?
she doesn't want to
what is the relationship between Romeo and his pals after the Capulet party?
M. is making fun of Romeo and their relationships are a bit tense
How can one tell that Romeos friends dont know he has fallen in love with Juliet?
because they are still making fun of his love for Rosaline
What does the line- Wherefore art thou Romeo?
why are you who you are (a montague)
who sees whom first during the balcony scene?
Romeo sees Juliet first
Why is FL a bit shocked at the beginning of Act 2- Scene 3, upon the news of Romeo's new love?
1- because he went straight from obsessing about Rosaline to obsessing about Juliet

2-because Juliet is the daughter of his family's enemy