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Andrew LaGaly
Block B
Ay, forsooth
Said in Juilets house
This is important for the reason that this is when they are talking about moving the marrige up to Wensday
This means Yes I will be right on it
You shall have none ill, sir, for I'll try if they can lick their fingers.
This was said in Juilets house
This is important for the reason of the server if getting chifs and he needs to know if the chefs think their own food is good by licking their fingers.
This means You shall have none gaging i will make shure the chefs lick there fingers and make shure the food id good
Give me, give me! O tell not me of fear.
Said in friar's cell
This is important for the reason of this is when friar is giving Juilet the med's to make her "die" for 42 hrs.
This means Give me give me the med's know.