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Humorous play on words indicating multiple meanings of the words.
comic relief
When a tragedy or something serious happens and another character comes into play and says something funny to relieve the sadness.
iambic pentameter
Iambic pentameter a type of poetry stly that consists of verse and verse drama. The term describes the particular rhythm that the words establish in that line. That rhythm is measured in small groups of syllables; these small groups of syllables are called "feet". The word "iambic" describes the type of foot that is used (in English, an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable). The word "pentameter" indicates that a line has five of these "feet".
When a character is alone and makes a lengthy speach to the audience.
A lengthy speach given by a character addressed to another character, not the audience.
When a character makes a joke to somebody who's watching the play. Not meant to be heard by the rest of the actors.
A refrence to something holy/mythical.
Ex: Cupid, Queen Mab
dramatic irony
When the audience knows something that the actors don't.
dramatic foil
When two characters are compliete oppisites.
Ex: Rational Juliet vs. Head over Heals Romeo
Peace Maker Benvolio vs. Fighter Tybalt
Rebellious Romeo vs. Good Girl Juliet
death imagery
The refrence to images associated with death.
Hinting what is going to happen later on in the story/play.
Ex: Fire vs. Water
Hot vs. Cold
Pretty vs. Ugly
Fragile vs. Strong
Feather vs. Lead
Loud vs. Quiet.
Rhyming at the end of scenes.
The writer/speaker's tone or additude towards something.
What are some of Juliet's fears regarding the sleeping potion that Friar Laurence gave her?
That she'll wake up early.
It's actually poision and will kill her.
She'll wake up and be alone.
Who gave Juliet the sleeping potion and why?
Friar Laurence and because Juliet was arranged to marry Paris but she's still in love with Romeo so she told Friar Laurence that if she had to live without Romeo's love she'd be desperate enough to kill herself.
(the sleeping potion was a part of Friar's plan to reunite Romeo and Juliet)
Who tells Romeo that Juliet has died?
Once Juliet wakes up in the tomb and sees Romeo dead who tells her that he'll take her to his _____?
Friar Laurence. (his) room
Who eventually died of grief at the end of the play?
(not seen or acted out, just mentioned)
Lady Montague
What two reletives of the prince are dead by the time the play ends?
Paris and Mercutio
Is the Montague/Capulet fight new or old when the play starts?
Old, has been going on for years.
What purpose does the fight in Act 1 Scene 1 serve?
It introduces characters and the fued between the families.
Who do Lord and Lady Montague ask to see what is wrong with Romeo?
How is Romeo acting in the beginning of the play?
Depressed and shut out.
Why is Romeo acting depressed and alone in the beginning of the play?
Because he's insisting that he's "out of love".
What does Romeo mean when he says that he's "out of love"?
That the one he loves doesn't love him back.
What does Lord Capulet tell Paris about marrying Juliet?
That she's too young and to wait for two years, but if he can woo her over at the party then he'll let it be and grant him permission to marry Juliet.
How does Juliet act to the news of the possibility of marrying Paris in the beginning of the play?
She doesn't like the idea.
Who has had a bad dream on the night of the party?
What does the dream that _____ had on the night of the part foreshadow?
The dream told him that bad things would come of that night so it foreshadows all the terrible things that are going to happen later on after the night of the party.
What is the name of the dream fairy that Mercutio speaks of?
Queen Mab
What literary term does Queen Mab represent?
An allusion
Describe the differences between Mercutio and Romeo
Romeo-believes in dreams. believes in the stars. is an irrational lover.
Mercutio-thinks dreams are lies.
Which character is superstitious about dreams-Mercutio or Romeo?
What does "night" represent/symbolize?
How can that affect the outcome of the ball and the balcony scenes?
The night represents the unlucky time of the day that brings fate.
Both the balcony scene and the party are taken place at night, if night is unlucky and brings fate then both scenes are bound to bring unlucky fate to both Romeo and Juliet.
Who recognized Romeo at the ball?
How does ____ recognize Romeo at the ball?
Tybalt recognized Romeo by his voice.
(since it was a masked ball)
What is Capulet's reaction to Tyablts willingness to fight Romeo at the ball?
Capulet says for Tybalt to calm down and let him be since he's not harming anybody, and he sticks to what he says throughout the whole party.
Why do Romeo's friends make fun of him after the ball?
They think he's still in love with Rosaline.
How does Friar Laurence react to Romeo's love of Juliet after meeting her at the ball?
He thinks it's an irrational change of love. Romeo was just in love with Rosaline, and now he's in love with Juliet. Friar wants to make sure Romeo knows what he's saying.
What is the name of the Nurse's servent?
Who does Friar Laurence agree to marry Romeo?
Why does Friar Laurence agree to marry Romeo and _____*?
Because he thinks that it'll help end the fued between Juliet's* family and Romeo's family.
Why won't Romeo fight Tybalt?
Because since Romeo and Juliet are now married Romeo doesn't want to fight family.
How does Mercutio die?
Tybalt stabs him.
What does Mercutio say in his last lines? And what does he tell to the audience?
He says that he'll probably be dead by morning and that he blames his death on Romeo.
Who gets banished?
What is Romeo's reaction to him being banished?
Romeo's mad about his banishment.
What is Juliet's reaction to Romeo being banished?
Juliet is very sad about it.
After the ball what does Capulet say about Paris wanting to marry Juliet?
Capulet insists on Paris marrying Juliet as soon as possible.
When are the first wedding plans for Paris and Juliet?
The first wedding plans are schedualed for Thursday.
To what day are the wedding plans moved to?
What are Juliet's reactions towards the news of her wedding plans with Paris?
She does not like it and refuses to marry Paris and becomes completely disobedient towards her parents and somewhat disrespectful.
What does Juliet's dad say about her disobedience?
He says that if Juliet won't do what he says then he's done with her.