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Year of Legendary Fall of Troy and Aeneas Sailing towards Italy
circa 1180 B.C.E.
Date of Legendary Foundation of Rome by Romulus and Remus
April 21, 753 B.C.E.
By what two animals were Romulus and Remus helped when they were exposed to die as infants? To whom were these animals special?
She-wolf and Woodpecker, sacred to Mars
What did Romulus do to rectify the problem of overpopulation of men at Rome?
Lured the Sabine people to a religious feast and carried off their daughters and unmarried women
After a war with what people under Romulus, did the Romans make a alliance and start to assimilate nations?
Under what king did the Sabines attack Rome during the reign of Romulus?
Titus Tatius
Who betrayed the Romans to the Sabines, hoping to receive treasure, but instead hurled off a rock, which now bears her name?
What finally stopped the war between the Sabines and Romans under Romulus?
Sabine Women, now Roman Wives, intervened to stop their husbands and fathers and brothers from killing one another
What Roman King started many Roman religious practices?
Numa Pompilius