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aka Octavian, Julius Caesar's grandnephew/adopted heir, 1st emperor of Rome,1st julio-claudian, reign known as Principate daughter:julia wife:scribonia also married to Livia: mother of Tibberius & Drusus, adopted Tiberius as heir, 27 BC-AD 14
emperor @ 57, AD14-37, good @ military matters, divorced vispania Agripinna in 12 BC: mother of Drussus, he married Augustus's daughter Julia, retired in capri
married julia (augustus's daughter)
aka Gaius, name meant "little boots", son of germanicus & agrippina, mentally unbalance/insane, AD 37-41
little boot
AD41-54 so of Drusus & antonia, caligulas uncle, ill, praetorian guard chose him as emperor, conquered Britain, married giantess, political marriage, poisoned his dish of mushrooms 2 kill him
bad marriages
AD 54-68, seneca & Burrus (philosopeher, praetorian guide) were his advisors, 17 year old emperor, murdered mother & half-brother &1st wife(octavia), married poppaea, kicked her (as a pregnant woman)) to death, vain, disliked, built domus aurea during his reign in AD64 there was a revolt & a fire, commited suicide in AD 68
4 emperors, AD69
galba, otho, vitellius, vespasian
1st of flavians, tried 2 restore senate, supported army, defeated revolt in Gaul, built a great arch in the forum, started construction on the colleseum, AD71-79
part of the year of 4 emperors, 1st of the flavians
oldest son of Vespasian, conquered jerusalem in AD70, dedicated coleseum, mt vesuvius erupted in AD79, AD 79-81
mt vesuvius erupted during his reign
AD 81-06, youngest son of vespasian, the best writers of silver age wrote during his reign, cruel as he got older, murdered
best writers wrote during his reign
1st of the good emperors, AD96-98, elderly senator ruled for 16 months, decide emperors should b chosen 4 ability, integrity, legally adopted, adopted trajan as heir
short ruling
AD98-117, spaniard, conquered romania, expanded borders of empire w/ campaigns against Dacians & PArthians, ruled empire w/ firmness& humanity, adopted cousin, Hadrian as heir, died of stroke
Roman empire reached greatest extent
peace & prosperity, AD 117-138, built panthenon, palaces,baths, &temples in Tivoli, founded Avignon& Adrianople, gave doub;e bonus 2 army, added new quarters 2 athens, gave up eastern territory, stabilized boundaries, built ______'s wallin britain, fell in love w/ Antonius who later dided in the Nile, adopted Antonius Pius as successor, died after war
gay, traveled a lot
AD138-161, reign was orderly & peaceful, never left italy, encouraged earthquake repairs & adopted nephew as heir
Antonius Pius
boring, peaceful, did nothing bad
AD 161-169, co-ruled w/ Marcus Aurellius, until death, married Lucilla (aurellius's daughter), weak ruler, commanded eastern forces from AD163-166
Luciua Verus
co ruled w/ Luciua Verus, until verus died in AD169, troubled by migrating tribes in the empire, spent time fighting barbarians, reign full of unrest, revolt, & trreason, barbarian invasions, famine, & plague, stolic philosiphy, vicious son Commodus=successor
Marcus Aurellius
wrote 12 books of Meditations
AD180-192, son of marcus aurellius, thought of himself as hercules, strangled 2 death in AD192 by narcissus
worst tyrant in history, 1st of the late empire
AD 193, praetorian guard, elderly senator, killed by soldiers spear after failing to pay Guard bonus
3 month rule
rich senator, AD193chosenby praetorian guard after bidding th highest in a mock auction, unpopular, murderered in a deserted place
Didius JUlianus
AD193-211, ended war of armies, replaced praetorian guard w/ non-romans, defeated parthia, died in york, britain. 1st of the severi
Septimus Servi
1st of the servi
AD211-217, oldest son of septimus servus, murdered brother (geta), brutal rul;er, thought he was alexxander the great, slew 20,000 "disloyal" people, built public baths & granted roman citizzenship to every1 in the empire in AD212 2 increase tax revenue, assasinated near Carrhae
captured wild boars &fought lions, killed brother in mother's arms
AD217-218 moor from africa, , routed in battle nearantioch &put 2 death
1st emperor who wasn't a senator
aka Varius Bassianus, son of julia soaemias, grandson of julia maesa, rumor said he was son of carcalla, got his name from syrian son-god, worshiped as a black stone, emperor @ age 14, advancing religion, transvestite, influenced by grandson 2 adopt cousin Alexander Servus as heir, julia Mamaea bribed Praetorians 2 murder him
the sun thing
AD222-235, under influence of his mother julia mamaea, wise, 14 years of sanity (his reign), kept icons of jupiter, orpheus, abraham, & jesus in private chapel, desertred by army & murdered
Alexander Severus
wrote on all public buildings "do unto others as you would have done unto you"
AD270-275, victorious over goths & germans, captured/defeated Zenobia (queen of palmyra), reconquered Gaul, restored unity 2 empire, murdered on his birthday
1st of Barracks emperors
barbarians invaded gaul during his reign, 70 towns burned, AD 276-282
AD285-305, introduced social, political & economic reforms 2 the empire, removed priveledges that were paid by the provinces &unsuccesfully tried 2 regulate inflation , increased taxation, increased army, devalued currency, divided empire into tetrachy w/ an east & west, made headquarters in Nicomedia. each division ruled by anemperor (an augustus) & an assistnt (a caesar) _________ was the Augustus in the east w/ galerius as his caesar, Maximian was the western augustus caesar=Constantius Chlorus, abdicated in in AD305
1st in the late late empire
overcame rivals after civil war, reunited w/ western empire, in AD314 he defeated emperor in the east & became sole ruler, Ad312-morning of his victoey over maxentius at the battle of milvian bridge, constantine was said 2 have seen a cross burnning in the sky w/ the words "in hoc signo vinces (in this =sign u will conquer), christianity became official religionof rome, moved empire 2 Bzantium(nova roma), he rebuilt it & name dit _ _ _ _ _ _ -ople in AD330, divided authority 4 his sons, became baptized christian on his deathbed, died AD337, followed a civil war between his sons
Constantine the GReat
AD337-361, 3rd son of constantine, became augustus in the East after his father's death, died while marching 2 confront challenge of Julian
constantinus II
AD361-363,son of half-brother of constantine, studied greek classics in asia, had a secret Pagan conversion, married emperors sister Helena, put in charge of Gaul & britain, ostensible religion tolerance, favoritism to paganism, died from being fatally wounded in battle
Julian the Apostate
religious tolerance
made christianity only legal religion, AD379-395, In AD 391 in Milan, he issued a law against paganism, divided empire between sons permanently into east & west
Theodosius I
intolerable of religions
AD383-408, oldest son of theodusius, ruled the east, weak ruler, ministers made imperial policy
AD395-423, youngest son of theodosius, ruled west, dominated by stilicho, during reign Aalric & Visigoths sacked Rome in AD410, died childless
AD425-455 ruled west, unmilitary & ineffectual leader, vandals attacked rome in AD455, same year he was killed
Valetinian III
conquered by odoacer(germanic chieftan), last emperor
Romulus augustus
last roman emperor