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shoulder flexion
"0-180*hanging down*1"" below acromion process*lat. Midline trunk*long. Axis humerus"
shoulder extension
"0-60*hanging down by side*1"" below the acromion process*lat midline trunk*paraell"
shoulder ABduction
0-180*hanging dn by side*anterior glenohumeral joint*lat trunk / parallel t spiine*long. Axis of humerus
shoulder horizontal abduction
0-90*paraelll to long axis of humerus 90 degrees to body*on top of acromion process*long.axis of humerus*longituduinal axis of humerus
shoulder horizontal adduction
o-45*arms out forward 90 deg*on top of acromion process*paraell to long axis on superior humerus*longituduinal axis of humerus
shoulder internal rotation
o-70*arm out 90 at side/ elbow bent 90 deg*the elbow /olecranon process of the ulna*paraell to lateral trunk 90 degrees*long axis of the ulna
shoulder external rotation
0-90*arm out 90 at side/ elbow bent 90 deg*olecrannon process**
elbow/forarm fexion-extension
0-150*arm down *lateral epicondyle of humerus*paraell to long axis of humerus*paraell to long. Axis of radius
elbow/forearm suppination
o-80*elbow bent 90 deg*longitudinal axis of forearm ulnar side (pinky side)*perpendicular to floor*across distal radius and ulna on volar side
elbow/forearm pronation
o-80*elbow bent 90 deg palm parallel to walls*perpendicular to floor*longitudinal axis of forearm / displaced the ulnar side*across distal radius and ulna on dorsal side
wrist flexion
o-80*along 3rd meta carpal*wrist joint dorsal*midline of dorsal forearm*long axis of 3rd metacarpal
wrist extensiion
o-70*along palmaris longus*insertion of palmaris longus*mid volar forearm*long axis of 3rd metacarpal
wrist ulnar deviation
o-30*hand and forearm on table*dorsal wrist on base of 3rd metacarpal*forearm on dorsal surface midline*midline of third metacarpal
wrist radial deviation
o-20*hand and forearm on table*dorsal base of 3rd metacarpal*midline of forearm dorsal*midline of third metacarpal
thumb cm flex
0-15*arm on table thumb side up**paraell to axis of radius*long. Axis of 1st metacarpal
thumb carpo meta carpal extension
0-20*arm on table palm up *volar/ palm side of wrist a t base of 1st metacarpal and trapezium*paraell to long axis of radius*long axis of 1st metacarpal
thumb metacarpophalangel flex- extension
0-50*across palm in frontal plane*dorsal aspect of mp joint*dorsal midline of first metacarpal*dorsal midline of proximal phalanx of the thumb
thumb ip flex extension
o-80*arm and hand on table thumb up*dorsal ip joint*dorsal surace along proxial phalanx*dorsal surface of distal phalanx/shift laterally if needed
thumb abduction cm
thumb opposition
thumb adduction
finger mp(metacarpal phalangeal) flexion- estension
0-90*armand hand on table*dorsal mp joint*midline of metacarpal *dorsal midline of prox phlanx
finger pip flexion-extension
0-100*arm and hand on the table*dorsal pip joint*dorsal mindline of proximal phalanx*drosal midline of middel phalanx
finager dip flexion -extension
0-90**dorsal dip joint *dorasl midlinof middle phalanx*dorsal disal phalanx
composite total finger flex
*total passive motion*(mp +pip+dip flexion )- (mp+pip+dip extension) = tam or tpm*ruler measruement tip of finger to palm*
finger abduction
*spread finger away from center*dorsal mp joint of finger*dorsal metacarpal *dorsal proximal phlalanx
finger adduction
*pivot / spread finger to center*dorsal mp joint of finger*dorsal metacarpal *dorsal proximal phalanx