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How do crystals form?
crystals form from magma and lava. crystals from cooled magma have bigger crystals because it takes longer to cool. Crystals from cooled lave takes a shorter time to cool so it has smaller crystals
two ways
What is the Moh's scale
It is a scale that determines hardness of minerals
The difference between a gem and a mineral
A gem is a highly prized mineral because they are rare and beautiful
what determines crystal size?
If the crystal was formed by magma, the crystals are bigger, if they were formed by lava the crystals are smaller. Ifit takes longer to cool the bigger the crystals are.
bigger slower
Know the three types of rocks
Igneous rock
metamorphic rock
sedimentary rock
KNow how the rock cycle works
Magma cools to be igneous rock, then weathering and erosion to be sediments, then compacts and cements to be a sedimentary rock, then heat and pressure will make it become a metamorphic rock then melting back to magma, this goes on forever
difference between magma and lava
Magma is underground and lava is above ground
examples of all rocks
Sedimentary:coal, halite Metamorphic: quartzite, gneiss
Igneuos: basalt, obsidian
Types of sedimentary rocks
Organic, Chemical, Clastic