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What is the rock cycle?
below earth's surface magma cools-igneous rock(intrusive), above earth's surface(volcanoes) igneous rock (extrusive)weathering, erosion, sediments, pressure/cementing, sedimentary rock, head and pressure metamorphic rock melts
What is magma?
molten rock inside the chamber of a volcano-with heat and pressure magma breaks through a crater in the earth's crust and turns to lava-cools=igneous rocks
Example of Igneous Rock/Granite?
Granite-forms underground, cools slowly, large crystals
Example of Igneous Rocks/Basalt?
extrusive igneous rock that cooled rapidly, dark colored, fine grained
Example of Igneous Rock/Obsidian?
also known as volcanic glass; was used by Native Americans as spearheads
Example of Igneous Rock/Pumice?
forms from the quick cooling foan on top of lava/ it is very light and porous (sponge-like appearance) may be used for pedicures.
What is Metamorphic Rock?
Metamorphic Rock is created when intense heat and pressure cause a sedimentary, igneous or other metamorphic rocks to change forms. This can occur when a rock is close to hot magma or when the folding and shifing of layers of earth put pressure on the rock.
What is Metamorphic Rock/Slate?
stated as shale with more hidden pressure, it becomes schist
What is Metamorphic Rock/Marble?
started as limestone
What is Metamorphic Rock/Gneiss?
started as granite; gneiss has distinct black and white stripes
What is Metamorphic Rock/Schist?
often started as shale, made of clay minerals