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clastic rock made of rounded pebbles cemented together
foliated rock
metamorphic rock that does not show bands
chemical rock
sedimentary rock that forms from chemicals dissolved in water
igneous rock
rock formed from melted minerals that have cooled and hardened
clastic rock
sedimentary rock mad mainly from fragments of other rocks
extrusive rock
igneous rock that forms from cooled lava on the earth's surface
metamorphic rock
rock that has been changed by intense heat,pressure,and chemical reactions
sedimentary rock
rock formed from pieces of other rock and organic matter that was pressed and cemented together
rock cycle
series of changes through which one rock becomes another kind of rock
the size of crystals in an igneous rock
intrusive rock
igneous rock that forms underground from cooled magma
magma that comes out onto the earth's surface
natural solid material made of one or more minerals
hot,liquid rock inside the earth
organic rock
sedimentary rock that forms from the remains of living things
solid material, such as sand,soil,pebbles,and organic matter that is carried in air,water,or ice and settles out
nonfoliated rock
metamorphic rock that does not show bands