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An extended improvisation based on two chords is known as what?
Familiar montunos are found in whose music?
Grateful Dead, Dark Star, Santana
A rave up is an extended improvisation based on what?
12 bar blues
Rave ups are found in the music of who?
Eric Clapton of the Yardbirds
What is a vamp?
A stagnant guitar. Short chord progression that is repeated several times as a means of marking time.
What are the characteristics of Eric Clapton's guitar style?
Chicago blues traits:
-Bends (single and double stops)
-Finger slides
-Loose rhythm

Long-sustained notes
Even vibrato
Repeated notes
Percussive picking style
Punk rock is seen as a reaction against what?
other styles of rock, especially art rock, heavy metal, and disco. also social norms.
Who are the guitarists of the Rolling Stones?
Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Mick Taylor, Ron Wood
The store owner who became the manager of the Sex Pistols.
Malcolm McLaren
What are the characteristics of the Velvet Underground?
lyrics generally half-spoken rather than sung
hard cutting sound
antiestablishment and anticommercial
repetitions and unemotional
The author of The Doors of Perception who influenced Jim Morrison is?
Aldous Huxley
The beat poet who influenced the writing of Jim Morrison is?
Allan Ginsberg
The symbolist poet who influenced the writing of Jim Morrison is?
Arthur Rimbaud
The 19th Century Romantic poet who influenced the writing of Jim Morrison is?
William Blake
The lead guitarist who preceded Jimmy Page in the Yardbirds is?
Jeff Beck
What are the characteristics of the Grateful Dead?
-Extensive improvisational sections
-Distortion, electronic effects, feedback experiments
-folk rock based
-harder edge to rhythm
-collective improv
-longer songs
The original guitarist of Pink Floyd is?
Syd Barrett
Which band is influenced by reggae?
Clash and the Police
The lead vocalist for the Dead Kennedys is?
Jello Biafra
What are the style characteristics of Pink Floyd?
Music expanded in length
Long, detailed improvisation
Use more electronic effects
image laden lyrics
distorted, fuzzy, free improv, drug references
Jagger/Richards producers are known as what?
The Glimmer Twins
The bass player for Hendrix's Band of Gypsies is?
Billy Cox
Name style characteristics of The Doors
Dark sound emphasized by minor keys
Morrison’s voice has a flat, emotionless quality
Melodic lines are repetitive and narrow range
Lyrics centered around death, violence, and sex; equates sex with death
Accompaniment has a hypnotic quality
Hammond organ gives recognizable tone color
Typical blue notes of a scale are?
3rd and 7th
Who was a blues influence of the Rolling Stones?
Muddy Waters

(Elmore James, Jimmy Reed, Howlin’ Wolf)
Style characteristics of Led Zeppelin.
**Unusual Rhythmic Patterns

Fast tempos (generally)
Fast guitar licks
Catchy guitar riffs
Wailing vocals (Plant)
Use of Distortion
Loud volumes
Use of studio in composition process
Melodies often modal
Lyrics address: occult, supernatural, Celtic legend
What are the pre-punk rock groups?
Ramones and Velvet Underground
Characteristics of the Rolling Stones 3rd style period
still riff-based
Turn from studio experimentation, use of unusual instruments
Return to a rhythm and blues and blues feel
Use of r&b horn sections
Return of blues forms and techniques
Raw, rough-edged sound
Not stiff rhythmically (like 1st period)
Characteristics of the Rolling Stones 2nd style period
Intricate layers of sound (polyphonic)
Guitar solos worked into song texture rather than solo breaks (obligatto)
Use traditional orchestral instruments and folk, ethnic instruments
Expressive imagery in lyrics
Music designed to fit the meaning and rhythm of the text
Asymmetric balance between melodic phrases, between verses and chorus
Many songs based on a riff
Characteristics of the Rolling Stones 1st style period
Original songs imitated cover models
No real personal style
Generally stiff performances
Strict adherence to the beat (precise rhythms)
Who was the first power trio?
Grace Slick was the singer for what band?
Jefferson Airplane
The group persona as composer for the Rolling Stones?
Nanker Phelge
Manager for the Rolling Stones?
Andrew Oldham
The group who incorporates celtic legend into their music
Led Zeppelin
Before joining the New Yardbirds, John Paul Jones was what?
Session musician and producer
What best illustrates the rhyme couplet of blues verse?
Which of the following is a characteristic of musique concrete?
*all of the above
What is a distortion device?
wah wah pedal
What are the characteristics of psychedlic rock?
hazy, muted
loud volume
Loudness results in distortion
electronic devices for distortion: Fuzz Tone, Wah wah pedal, Phasing (done on control board), feedback
Emphasis on instrumentalists (especially on lead guitarists)
Influenced by R&B bands
Lyrics often drug-oriented
Long, meandering guitar solos
imitates consciousness of drug trip
What occurs in the bridge of a song?
Change in harmonic progression
Clapton's guitar style was derived from what?
chicago oriented blues
Characteristics of Jimi Hendrix's guitar style
Complex, polyphonic texture
Use of distortion in melodic and rhythmic improvisation
Fuzz box, wah wah pedal, vibrola bar
Controlled feedback
Manipulates tone, volume, and pickup controls/switches
Rapid guitar ornaments
Intricate overdubbing on studio albums
Complex song structure
Vividly descriptive lyrics
Tape manipulation
Manipulating sound through stereo channels
Pop artist who promoted the Velvet Underground
Andy Warhol
Sending the electronic sound wave back and forth through the amplifier and guitar is called what?
Original Drummer of the Police was?
Stewart Copeland
Lead singer of the Sex Pistols is?
Johnny Rotten
Who is the bass player of the Sex Pistols?
Sid Vicious
Characteristics of heavy metal bands of the 80s
Almost no use of 12-bar blues progressions
Chord progressions move by whole steps, half steps
More use of diatonic scales than blues scales
Extremely fast tempos
Rapid scale passages
Blues techniques almost completely abandoned
Chas Chandler was the manager of what band?
The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Who was a member of Cream with Eric Clapton?
Jack Bruce
The consulting engineer for the Grateful Dead and maker of LSD
Augustus Owsley
Power chord emphasizes what two notes of a chord?
1st and 5th
The third of a power chord helps to emphasize whether it's major or minor. True or False?
The producer of albums by Pink Floyd
Alan Parsons
Lead guitarist for the Grateful Dead
Jerry Garcia
Rock style whose lyrics cultivate negative images like witchcraft
heavy metal
Communal get together for music, partying, and drug experimentation
a happening
Hendrix's song And the Gods Made Love is an example of?
musique concrete
Lead singer of the Police?
Genesis spawned what three artists?
Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Mike and the Mechanics
Group whose lyrics equate sex with death
Prior to beginning Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page did what?
London session guitarist
What band is not associated with Eric Clapton?
Electric Prunes
A performance technique of the blues that was adapted from the communal work song
Call and Response
Founder of the Velvet Underground
Lou Reed
What does a power trio consist of?
Guitar, bass, drums
Important figure of british blues scene in 1960s. Lead Bluesbreakers with Clapton before Cream. Did vocals and keyboard.
John Mayall
What are the characteristics of James Taylor?
Mournful, heartfelt singing style
Soft acoustic backing
Slow tempo, personal songs
What are the characteristics of Jim Croce?
Carefully crafted lyrics
Narratives about everyday characters
Memorable, singable melodies
Uncomplicated chord progressions
Memorable hooks
Fascinating acoustic lead guitar fills (Maury Muehleisen)
Songwriter partner of Elton John
Bernie Taupin
Producer of Elton John
Gus Dudgeon
Signed Elton and Taupin to this label.
Dick James Publishers
Band of Elton John and his friends that backed touring American soul and R&B musicians
David Bowie is what genre?
Glam/Glitter Rock
album unified by a theme
concept album
what is a riff?
Repeated Melodic Figure.

Short melodic and/or rhythmic pattern repeated over and over while musical changes take place. Often the harmonic and rhythmic basis of the entire song.
What is polyphonic texture?
Texture in which two or more independent melodic lines of equal importance or interest sound simultaneously
Series of verses set to the same music.
An instrumental embellishment played during breaks (rests) in a vocal melody. A response to a sung call at the end of each sung line.
Two or more rhythms performed simultaneously.
The backbeat emphasizes what beats. the basic rhythm for rock
2 and 4
Two beat bass emphasizes what?
**1st and 3rd

Root of the chord on the 1st beat of a measure and the 5th on the 3rd beat of a measure.
Note whose pitch is slightly altered by pilling on a string or raising or lowering the voice.
Bent Note
All 4 beats are equally accented. Prominent in Motown
Flat-four beat
Name associated to power or intensity. Traced back to large guns on warships.
Heavy Metal
A method of composition in which pitches, rhythms, motives, and other compositional decisions are left to the performer's discretion. aka chance music
It's performers and fans most often dressed in make up and 'space age' costumes to portray an 'alien' persona
Glam/Glitter Rock
Marketed as a more commercial or chart-friendly version of punk.
New Wave
Punk Rock Characteristics
Loud Volumes
Basic rock band

Simple song forms
Standard AABA

Simple chord progressions
Practical quitar chords
2-3 chords in progression
Bass riff is open harmonic foundation

Tempos very fast
Typically quadruple meter
Drums heavily accent every beat

Vocals limited in range
Vocals sometimes yelled in a monotone
Guitar solos generally avoided; simple, limited in range

Generally anti-establishment
Often violence-oriented
Sometimes vulgar
Express frustration of musicians and fans

Safety pins in body parts
Torn clothes
Dark clothes
Sadomasochistic tendencies in performers and fans

Pogo, Slamming
Heavy Metal Characteristics
Vocals mixed into overall sound
Loud Volumes
Lead guitar oriented
Electronic distortion
Thick-textured sound

Mostly riff-based songs
Some dependence on basic forms (strophic, standard, hybrid)

Simple chord progressions
3-5 chords in basic progression
Progressions based on guitar practical technique
Bass ostinato (riff) is the harmonic basis
Power chord

Fast tempos
Simple duple/quadruple meters
Strong, hard backbeat
Bass ostinato (riff) is also the rhythmic basis

Vocals limited in range
Guitar solos have wide range

Album-oriented bands
Some lyrics cultivate negative images: Witchcraft, black magic, death, suicide (“occult rock”)
Many lyrics deal with sex, drugs, drinking, and partying
Singer-songwriter elements
Most songs are narratives
Stories are often personal
Characters are well-defined

Folk-rock Influence:
Clear singing style
Slower tempos
Prevalent acoustic instruments
Finger-picking on guitar
Electric instruments with no distortion
Some acoustic blues sounds
Drummer for Hendrix's Band of Gypsies
Buddy Miles
What genre of music influenced the Doors?