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In the late 1800s, yellow journalists William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulizer were responsible for what...
They were responsible for increasing public sympathy for Cuban rebels
How would you characterize the following statement, "the desire to protect the free world.."
is an example of an ideological reason for imperialism
Anti-imperialists were responsible for what type of statements?
1) expansion costs too much 2) imperialism will increase migration and cause more social problems
Is this an imperialist or anti-imperialist statement, "people that believed it was too expensive to expand in other countries."
Is this an imperialist or anti-imperialist statement, "believed people in territories should be entitled to the guarantees in the U.S. Constitution."
Is this an imperialist or anti-imperialist statement, "business leaders that invested directly in the economies of other countries."
Why did the U.S. follow a policy of expansionism in the late 1800s?
The nation needed more markets for its goods.
Manifest destiny and the Monroe Doctrine were the basis for what?
American expansionism
Is this an imperialist or anti-imperialist statement, "supports of a strong U.S. navy."
Why did the U.S. annex Hawaii?
The U.S. needed naval bases in the Pacific
Ms. Robideaux Social Studies 10

Chapter 9 Imperialism--Becoming a World Power
Cut apart and Study
U.S. policy towards Latin America in the early 1900s, was that the U.S. used troops because...
when it was necessary to pursue its goals there
Why did most Americans favor expansionism?
Primarily because they wanted favorable trade relations
Why did Joseph Pulizer and William Randolph Hearst used yellow journalism in the 1890s?
to generate public support for the Spanish-American war
Besides frontier ideals what did Theodore Roosevelt believe in?
Anglo-Saxon superiority
How would you characterize the anti-imperialist organizers?
they were mostly upper middle class professionals
What principle did the anti-imperialists argue that expansionism rejected?
it rejected the principle of "liberty for all."
Many anti-imperialists worried that expansion would lead to what...
it would lead to excessive costs and job losses
Why was the building of the Panama Canal important?
it facilitated trade between the Atlantic and Pacific ports
Which event led to the Spanish American war?
the Cuban rebels blew up the U.S.S. Maine
Why was the Open Door Policy important to the U.S.?
It gave the U.S. millions of Chinese consumers
European and American imperialism grew as a result of what?
the need for foreign markets
Under imperialism, the stronger nation attempts to...
1) create an empire 2) sell its products to a weaker country 3) dominate a weaker country
What did opponents of American expansion fear?
a weakened economy
Why did Americans side with Cuban rebels against Spain?
it was the result of yellow journalism
What happened as a result of a global impact of imperialism in the late 19th and early 20th centuries?
the modernization of technologically undeveloped countries, such as Japan
In China, why did the U.S. compete with other nations?
for equal access to Chinese consumers
What term refers to the addition of a new territory to an existing country?
What is the name of Taft's economic policy of keeping order and stability in countries abroad by investing in economies?
dollar diplomacy
What is another term for imperialism?
What is the name of the type of newspaper coverage that sensationalizes stories to increase circulation?
yellow journalism
What is the name of the policy in which the U.S. wants to have equal access to trade with Chinese consumers?
the Open Door Policy
What is the name of the policy in which the U.S. wants the same access to trade with China as any other nation?
"most favored nation" status
Name the practice by which stronger nations attempt to create empires by dominating weaker nations?
The Americans blame the Spanish for blowing up this U.S. ship and then call for war?
the U.S.S. Maine
After which war, does Cuba become an independent country and the U.S. gains territory in Guam, the Philippines, and Puerto Rico?
it was the Spanish American war
What is the name of the route that linked the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean?
the Panama Canal
What was the chief reason the U.S. built the Panama Canal?
to reduce travel time for commercial and military shipping
Name 3 reasons why the U.S. wanted to engage in the practice of imperialism?
1) to spread Christianity 2) access to new markets 3) social darwinsism
Name 2 or 3 reasons for yellow journalism?
1) an attempt to sway public opinion 2) create more competition/and more readers 3) to encourage trade with other nations
Give at least 3 reasons why the anti-imperalists were against expansionism?
1) too expensive 2) loss of American jobs 3) didn't want immigrants to enter the U.S.