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What is the name given to journalists that alerted the public to wrongdoing and political corruption?
What is the name of the political system where the people or the government own the nation's wealth?
What is the name for the degree of prosperity in a nation, as measured by income levels, quality of housing and food, etc.
standard of living
What is the name of the process in which an impartial third party decides on a legally binding solution?
What is the nickname of the political party that wanted tariff reduction, an end to child labor, and more regulation of business?
Bull Moose Party
What is the term used to refer to the "right to vote?"
Which law forbids the sale of alcoholic beverages?
Which programs help ensure a basic standard of living for all Americans (e.g. social security)?
social welfare programs
What type of people opposed women getting the right to vote?
What type of economy is based on both private and public (government controlled) enterprises and both make decisions on what to produce?
mixed economy
What is the name of the system which allows banks to borrow money to prevent bank failures?
Federal Reserve System
What is the name of the political movement that urged improvement, change, growth, and reform?
How did women gain the right to vote in 1920?
With the passage of the 19th amendment
What is the most important function of the Federal Reserve System?
to control the supply of money in the economy
Can you choose a good statement which summarizes the reform ideas of the Progressives?
The Progressives wanted: 1) reform in government, 2) consumer protection, 3)aid for women and children
The Progressives not only wanted Prohibition and women's suffrage, the Progressive Party also wanted....
an end to child labor
Why did the progressive reformers seek federal legislation to regulate working conditions and set a minimum age for child labor?
they wanted to end the practice of child labor to keep production costs down
What was the goal of the Granger and Populist movements?
to help western farmers fight unjust economic practices
What was the goal of the creation of the Federal Reserve System?
to regulate the money supply
How did the Federal Reserve System attempt to manage the United States economy?
by regulating interest rates
What type of action would the Federal Reserve System take to fight inflation or recession?
to adjust the money supply
How did Muckrakers contribute to the rise of Progressivism in the early years of the 20th century?
by exposing widespread corruption in business and government
What did most progressives agree on?
social welfare programs
What were the main characteristics of most of the progressive reformers in the early 1900s?
middle and upper class citizens
What did many states do during the Progressive era?
they ended the practice of child labor
What did President Roosevelt do during the United Mine Workers strike in 1902?
called for arbitration
Progressives called for reforms at the federal level by doing the following:
1) regulation of railroads 2) land conservation 3) prohibition
Why did President Wilson help establish the Federal Reserve System?
as a measure to prevent bank failures
What was the one thing that women could do by the time the National American Woman Suffrage Association was formed in 1890?
buy and sell property
What was one of the main argruments of the antisuffragists?
they would become too masculine
What did most progressives agree that the government should do?
protect workers
What is the name of the procedure that is used when an impartial third party decides on a legally binding solution to a labor dispute?
What did progressives want government to create in order to ensure a basic standard of living for all Americans?
social welfare programs
How did the battle for women suffrage end?
when the Nineteenth Amendment was passed
To whom wsa the progressive movement most beneficial?
urban residents
Why was the United States Federal Reserve System established?
to regulate the money supply
Since 1913, who has controlled the United States banking system, interest rates and the amount of money in circulation?
the Federal Reserve System
Which period in United States history marked the following: women's suffrage enacted, direct election of Senators, and income tax legislation?
the Progressive Era
Give two examples of how progressivism affected the role of the federal government in the 1900s?
1) prohibition 2) enforcement of antitrust laws 3) environmental legislation
Can you name three reforms the progressives were trying to attain in order to raise the standard of living?
1) unemployment 2) woman suffrage 3) disability and social security insurance 4) end to child labor