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An economic system where the allocation of resources, including determination of what goods and services should be produced, and in what quantity, is planned by the government
command economy
government takeover of natural resources
freedom from colonial or foreign rule
system of racial segregation imposed on South Africans by whites
a situation where a single firm or individual produces and sells the entire output of some good or service available in a market without competition
emphasized the common heritage of the people of the Arab Middle East
Giving someone right, duties, privilege, and status as a legal member of the country
emphasis on domestic control of the economy
economic nationalism
peaceful resistance to a government by fasting or refusing to cooperate
passive resistance
refusal to obey unjust laws
civil disobedience
Miss Robideaux
SS 9
Chapter 16 vocabulary
cut apart and study
A system in which the market forces of supply and demand determine prices and allocate available supplies, without government intervention
free market
refusal to buy, sell, or otherwise trade with an individual or business in order to protest against its policies