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How did the discovery of oil in Iran affect imperialistic interests in the region?
Britain and Russia maneuvered for control of the oil fields.
Overseas expansion was partly a result of manufacture; need for this.
natural resources
What were some causes of IMPERIALISM?
The need for natural resources
The desire to spread Christianity
The ideas of Social Darwinism
Which countries sought to benefit from the slow crumbling of the Ottoman empire because the land contained oil, a highly sought after natural resource?
Britain, France, Russia, and Germany
The East India Company improved roads in India, but what was its main goal?
make money
What was the goal of the Righteous Harmonious Fists (the Boxers)?t
to drive foreigners out of China
How did Britain transform Indian agriculture?
by pushing farmers to grow cash crops
This development in the late 1700s transformed China's relations with the west.
the industrial revoluton
Why was the Berlin Conference held in 1884?
to avoid bloodshed between rival European powers
What could one say about the partitioning (dividing) of Africa by European imperialist nations during the 1800s?
The cultural and ethnic diversity of the African people was disregarded.

This means the imperialist nations did whatever they wanted to the African people and did not think about their customs or beliefs.
Robideaux Social Studies 9
Chapter 12
Cut apart and study
What part did the Industrial Revolution play in encouraging Imperialism?
It created a need for raw materials and markets.
What was a cause of the Ottoman empire's decline?
the weakening of the central government.
What were some causes of European Imperialism in the late 1800s?
need for raw materials
desire for new markets
belief that Europeans should spread their culture.
What was used for a justification for imperialism?
Social Darwinism

(Survival of the Fittest)
What did the Boxer Rebellion attempt to do?
remove foreign influences from China
What was a result of the Sepoy Rebellion?
Britain began to rule India directly.
What caused the Sepoy Rebellion?
The British insensitivity to Indian customs.
British control over South Africa and French control over Indochina are examples of what?
What was the purpose of spreading western civilization and western culture to colonies?
to impose western customs and ideas on the colonial people
What were some HUMANITARIAN motives for for imperialism?
Humanitarians wanted to spread Christianity and other ideas about western civilization like law and medicine
What was a result of the Sepoy Rebellion?
Britain began to rule India directly.
situation in which a country exports more than it imports
trade surplus
What did many regions in India begin to experience as a result of British imperialism because British officials encouraged Indian farmers to grow cash crops rather than food crops?

a drastic decline in the state of the economy where there are high rates of unemployment , restriction of credit, reduced output and investment, price deflation, numerous bankruptcies, and reduced amounts of trade and commerce
Because of British rule, new railroads, telegraphs, postal systems were built in India. What were these new advances in transportation and communication from?
the positive effects of imperialism
domination by one country of the political, economic or cultural life of another country or region
What did Western European powers want to carve out in China to control the economy and access to trade throughout the country?
spheres of influence
increase in the prices for goods and services
What were some motives that imperialists have to expand into other territories
-spread Christianity
-Social Darwinism
-need for natural resources
-new markets
-spread western civilization
-fueling bases
deliberate attempt to destroy an entire religious or ethnic group
Why did some people (Muslim, Chinese, African),oppose being controlled by western democracies dominating their territories?
-wanted to end foreign rule
-did not want to be used as a source of labor
-wanted economic and political independence
Why were imperialists successful in their campaign to dominate weaker countries?
-powerful armies & navies
-strong economies
-stable governments
-better technology
-better medical knowledge
What did Indian exposure to European ideas result in?
a move toward Indian nationalism
The destrction of forest land
the total value of goods and services produced by a nation
gross domestic product
People sent on a religious mission
Payment for losses in war
When an outside power claims exclusive investment or trading privileges
sphere of influence
an economic system in which the means of production and distribution are privately owned, and prices are chiefly determined by open competition in a free market
Right of foreigners to be protected by the laws of their own nation.
Situation in which a country imports more than it exports
trade deficit
Special economic rights given to a foreign power.
What was one advantage European countries had in their imperial expansion?
powerful armies and navies