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What is the name of Bismarck's policy for unification?
Blood and Iron
What was the effect of Napoleon's advances in the early 1800's?
increasing demands for a united German state
What was Bismarck's foreign policy goal concerning the French?
to keep them weak and isolated
How did industrial progress made in the 1850s and 1860s help Germany after unification?
Germans had founded large companies that served as a base for expansion.
What did a major threat to the Hapsburg empire come from?
nationalist demands
The constitution of the Second Reich set up a two house legislature that did what?
gave real power to the emperor and chancellor
What are the three pillars of Russian absolutism?
How were Otto von Bismarck and Giuseppe Garibaldi similar?
They both worked to unify his nation.
Why was the Balkan region referred to as a powder keg?
There were several conflicting interests in the region
What was one obstacle in the way of Russian progress?
the rigid social structure
Chapter 10
9th Grade
cut apart and study
The population explosion cased tensions that were relieved through what?
Why did nationalist movements break out in the Hapsburg empire?
several national groups shared the same region
Where is nationalism most likely to develop?
In an area that has:

common customs, language, and history
What made Italy hard to unite into a single unit?
regional differences
What contributed most to the nationalist movements in the Balkans in the mid 1800s?
the spread of democracy
In what region did nationalism pose the biggest threat to the traditional way of life?
The Austrian empire
How is nationalism best defined?
the loyalty of a people to their values, traditions, and a geographic region
What is the best example of the success of nationalism in Europe?
unification of Germany
What are some factors that allowed Germany to industrialize?
large population
-large supply of coal & iron
-capital to invest in industry
-disciplined, educated work force
Why did countries like Italy want to unify?
A feeling of nationalism was growing. The people in countries like Italy shared such things as common language and history. People who share common interests tend to bond.
What male monarchs in Russia are called.
a strong feeling of pride in and devotion to one's country
movement away from a homeland
the reliance on people in other places for information, resources, goods, and services
the theory of a classless social system in which all property and means of production are owned in common
another name for prime minister
another name for empire
realistic politics based on the needs of the state
another name for emperor
protecting domestic producers by limiting through tariffs or quotas, the import of foreign goods and services
people bound to the land, also know as peasants
a tax on imports
a good or service purchased from a foreign country
Why did the Hapsburgs try to limit industrial development?
It was a threat to their way of life.