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What do you call someone who frees a country from an enemy?
A liberator
What were some goals that represented conservative ideology in Europe in the early 1800's?
1. restore the monarchy
2. government control of business
3. social hierarchy (classes)
4. one established church
5. preserve tradition
What were some goals that represented Liberal ideology in Europe in the early 1800's?
1. tolerance of religions
2. freedom of speech, press...
3. written constitutions
4. democracy or republic
5. laissez-faire
6 all men created equal
7 protect natural rights
Who made up the conservative forces?
monarchs, nobles and church leaders and peasants that wanted to preserve tradition
Who made up the liberal forces?
Middle Class--lawyers, business owners, bankers, writers
What did liberals believe governments should be based on?
written constitutions
and separation of powers
What are some things liberals were against?
Divine right rule
old aristocracy
established churches
Who are some leaders of independence movements in Latin America?
Simon Bolivar, Jose de San Martin,and Toussaitn L'Ouverture, Father Miquel Hidalgo, Jose Morelos
Who was a Hatian leader that led a successful slave revolt and moved his people to fight for independence?
Toussaint L'Ouverture
Revolution in Latin AmericaWhy were there revolutions and independence movements in Latin America?
Latin American people were inspired the American Revolution and French Revolution and influenced by Enlightenment thinkers.
Miss Robideaux
Chapter 8
Revolution in Latin America
Cut apart and study
How did differences between conservative and liberal goals lead to conflict in Europe?
1. Congress of Vienna did not give any of the demands of the liberals
2. Liberals unhappy because demands not met.
3. Monarchy returns to France and Charles X takes away citizens' rights to vote , gets rid of legislature, and restricts the press.
Giving all adult men the right to vote
universal manhood suffrage
wanted governments to be based on written constitution and defended natural rights and against divine right rule and for a republican form of government
wanted the old order that existed before the French Rvolution--monarchy, established church
systems of thoughts and beliefs
European desended Latin Americans
people of Native American and European descent
people of African and European descent
factors of production which are required to produce goods and services
land, labor, capital
another name for self rule
wealth or resources to invest in businesses
The Working Class
Why was there a revolution in Latin America?
Latin America had a social class system that was unfair. The top class made up only a small percent of the people. A class systme is one where you are born into and cannot change. People were denied basic rights which leads to revolution.
Why did Revolutions occur in Latin America during this time period?
People in these countries also wanted rights. They were influenced by the French and American Revolutions. They also were influenced by the Enlightenment thinkers.