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What is another name for middle class?
What are the three social classes in France under the "ancien regime"?
What is the government spending more money than it takes in.
deficit spending
What estate is made up of nobles?
2nd Estate
800 Parisians assembled outside this structure because they though royal troops were going to occupy the capital.
These contributed to the financial crisis in France.
bad harvests
Which estate was made up of clergy?
1st estate
What were 9 out of 10 people in France?
Rural peasants
Who was an advisor to Louis XVI who tried to reduce court spending, reform government, and abolish tariffs?
Jacques Necker
Unpaid labor to repair roads and bridges.
Ms. Robideaux Chapter 6
French Revolution
Cut apart and study
When the National Assembly moved to a nearby area and swore to meet until they established a just and sound constitution.
Tennis court Oath
In 1789, the French National Assembly issued the "Declaration of the Rights of Man", based in part on the concepts expressed in the U.S. Declaration of Independence in 1776. Both documents reflected the Enlightenment belief that governments exist to protect the natural rights of citizens. What developments in France and the United States attempted to assure the implementation of this concept of government?
drafting constitutional protections
What is a valid generalization about the immediate results of the French Revolution of 1789?
the French middle class gained more power
What did Robespierre try to do during the Reign of Terror?
crush all opposition to the revolution
What did the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the citizen state?
all MEN were born free and equal in rights
Who was the leader of the Reign of Terror?
Maximillien Robespierre
Did women gain rights during the French Revolution?
Women gained some rights, but lost them when Napoleon came to power.
Which group made up the vast majority of French society?
Who were most affected by increases in the price of food?
urban workers and peasants
Why did European rulers condemn (were against) the French Revolution?
they were afraid it would spread
France's economy was mainly supported by __________?
the Third Estate
How did the French respond to threats to stop the revolution?
by using violence against their opponents.
Which of the following statements about France's social structure is TRUE?
A. The third Estate was made up entirely of peasants.
B. The Third Estate was content with the social structure.
C There was inequality among the three estates.
D. Most people belonged to the First Estate.
There was inequality among the three estates.
What are some ways the French Revolution changed France?
1. Titles were eliminated. The new title "Citizen" applied to people of all social classes.
2. Nationalism- A strong sense of pride in their country.
3. Social Reform
4. Religious Toleration
Napoleon left a legacy of reforms for France. What are some positive impacts on France that were the result of Napoleon Bonapartes's control over France at the end of the 18th century?
1. France was a centralized state with a constitution.
2. elections were held with expanded but limited suffrage (voting)
3. many more citizens had access to property and education.
Did Napoleon conquer Britain?
No because of Britain's strong Navy
Why were French troops defeated in Russia?
They were cold and hungry. The russians used a scorched earth policy where they burned crops and villages as they retreated from Napoleon's army.
Did Napoleon use enlightenment ideas in his reforms.
Yes, the Napoleonic Codes used equality for all citizens, religious toleration and advancement based on merit.
What is abdicate?
To give up a high office or step down from power.
Who ran schools, hospitals, and orphanages?
the Clergy
Who were san culottes?
working class men and women
What is Suffrage?
Right to vote
What is Nationalism?
Strong pride in one's country
Was there equality among the three estates under the "anciem regime"?
Queen of France and was executed by the guilotine
Marie Antoinette
King of France and executed by the guillotine
Louis XVI
Leader of the Committee of Public Safety
Thought that the only way to achieve a republic was through fear and terror
financial advisor who tried to reduce government debt and spending
Nacques Necker
These made up the majority of French population
military hero and who later became Emperor of France
When Napoleon decided to invade Russia, what was the result of this decision?
It led to the defeat of Napoleon and France.
Under Napoleon, who lost some rights?
Why did the woment of Paris march on Versailles?
They demanded BREAD!
French Nobles fired Necker because of his financial reforms. What did they not like?
They did not want to pay taxes.
What was a major result of the French Revolution?
the middle class gained political influence.
Another name for the middle class
A feeling of pride on one's country
Red, white, and blue badge of the common people.
Spending more money than is taken in
deficit spending
Working class who wanted more radial changes.
sans culottes
right to vote
What happened to Napoleon after he was defeated in Russia?
He had to abdicate or step down from power.
This is what the Third Estate declared themselves and they claimed to represent the people of France and they wrote a new Constitution.
National Assembly