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Policy in which business is allowed to operate with little or no government interference
laissez faire
Rights that belonged to all humans since birth which include the right to life, liberty and property
natural right
Who introduced ideas of separation of powers and checks and balances
What is the belief that a ruler's authority comes directly from god?
divine right rule
What were the majority of European citizens during the Enlightenment?
What is it called when ideas and information are restricted
Who was the philosopher that believed that community interests should come before the interests of an individual?
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Who presented the idea that people have natural rights and government has a obigation to those it governs
John Locke
What is a social gathering in which artists and thinkers exchange ideas?
Who tried to show that natural economic forces of supply and demand were linked to profit and economic growth?
Adam Smith
List 5 Enlightenment ideas that the U.S. used when our government was established
1. natural rights-life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
2. 3 branches of government
3. freedom of speech, religion and press
4. people should rule-representative democracy
5. constitution should be put in place
6. separation of powers
Robideaux chapt 5 part 2
cut apart and study