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Who believed the marketplace was better off without any government regulation?
Adam Smith
Who believed men should be granted natural rights (ex. Life, liberty, and property) at birth
John Locke
Who believed a woman's first duty was to be a good wife and mother?
Mary Wollstonecraft
Who believed men are basically good?
Jean Jacques Rousseau
Who ideas were reflected in the Declaration of Independence?
John Locke
Who believed the good of the community should be placed before the good of the individual?
Jean Jacques Rousseau
Who believed the government should have 3 branches?
Who believed men were superior to women, but that women would be gentle rulers because of their "weakness?"
In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson wrote that people have natural rights. Name two examples of natural rights
pursuit of happiness
List three factors that helped Britian become a global power in the 1700's
succes in war
favorable trade
union of Scotland
Robideaux part 3 chapter 5
cut apart and study
Name three Enlightenment ideas that were used to form the American government.
checks and balances
separation of powers
freedom of religion, speech
3 branches of government
all men are created equal
natural rights
right to revolution