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"The Death of Jane McCrea"
By John Vanderlyn
-Native Americans
-Indians=French, Jane McCrea=British/Americans, British want people to be afraid of the french: british Propoganda
"The Year of Peril"
By Benton
-Little girl affected by big witches fighting concept, salme witch 1692
"Peacable Kingdom"
By Edward Hicks
-Puritism/Scarlet Letter-utopia
-wasn't perfect utopia but they were getting along
"Twenty-Five Colored Marilyns"
By Andy Warwhol
-person is different everday contrary to societies view on them
"Fur Traders Descending the Missouri"
By Bigham
-Huck Finn/Slavery
"Christina's World"
By Wyeth
-TEWWG/Slavery Racism
"Girl at Mirror"
By Norman Rockwell
-connecting adulthood with material possessions
"White Cloud Indian Chief"
By George Catlin
-Native Americans
-Historical Recollection
"Migrant Mother"
By Dorthea Lange
-Immigrants can't take care of everything
"American Gothic"
By Grant Wood
-Puritanism/Scarlet Letter
-American Dream-Different Arcitechures=european=Gothic
Michael Jackson (song)
Conotation and Denotation of Thriller