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2 of the 6 Hindu Scriptures
Sankhya & Vedanta
4 Stages of Man
1) Students
2) Householders
3) Forest Dwellers
4) Ascetic (Sannyasin)
4 Wants of Man
1) Wealth
2) Sensuality
3) Duty
4) Release
Patanjali's 8 Steps
1) Restraint (Be good)
2) Personal Development
3) Postures (Asanas)
4) Breathing
5) Sensory Withdrawal
6) Concentration
7) Meditation
8) Absorption
2 Significant Hindu Epics, one contains Bhagavad-gita.
1) Ramayana
2) Mahabharata

Mahabharata contains Bhagavad-gita
What is the Bhaghavad-gita about?
It tells the story about Arjuna, who talks with Krsna (avatara) about duty.
What does Isvara mean?
"Lord" ~ power, wisdom, etc.
What kinds of priests are necessary for a sacrificial ritual?
4 Priests...
1) Fire Tender
2) Chief Priest
3) Chanter
4) Sacrificer
What are the 3 important Hindu gods? What are they related to?
1) Varuna - Chief heavenly deity
2) Indra - Vedic god of rain and thunder (atmospheric deity)
4) Agni - Earthly deity, most powerful earthly force (symbol of fire)
When was the Veda period, and what were all the Vedas?
The Hindu Veda period lasted from 1200BC-1000BC and consists of four Vedas:
1) Re-Veda - 1028 Hymns
2) Sama-Veda - Chanting
3) Yadur-Veda - Sacrifice
4) Athara-veda - For laborers
What are the 3 literary periods in Hindu history?
Vedas (1200-1000BC)
Upanishads (800-500BC)
Epics (500-200BC)
There were 3 new yogas in Hinduism. What were they?

1) Learn to act dispassionately
2) Use knowledge to break through to Moksa
3) Faith/Devotion to Krsna
1) Karma Yoga
2) Jnana Yoga
3) Bhakti Yoga
According to Sankhya, what is the universe composed of?
1) Matter (Prakrti)
2) Spirit (Purusa, cosmic man who created world by sacrificing his body)
3) Cosmic Mind (Manas)
What is Vedanta-Sutra about?
Brahman is the central reality of the universe, which is attained through yoga.
Vedanta-Sutra contains three subsystems, what are they?
1) Sankara (788-820AD)
..Brahman is ultimate reality
..Material Universe is just Maya
2) Ramanuja (1020-1140AD)
..Maya is the overwhelming pwr of god
..Bhakti Yoga Suggested
3) Madhva (1200)
..Bhakti Yoga Suggested
What is a rsi?
A Seer
What are the 4 Noble truths
1) All life is suffering
2) Cause for #1: craving
3) Cessation, stop suffering
4) 8 Fold Path (to stop suffering)
What are the 3 Marks?
1) Everything is impermanent
2) Everything is not-self
3) All life is suffering
What is the 8-fold Path?
1) Right Speech
2) Right Action
3) Right Livelihood
4) Right Effort
5) Right Mindfulness
6) Right Concentration
7) Right Views
8) Right Thought
What are the 5 Aggregates?
1) Form
2) Feeling
3) Perception
4) Mental Formations
5) Consciousness
What are the two vehicles of Buddhism?
Mahayana - Greater Vehicle
Hinayana - Lesser Vehicle
What is the perfection of wisdom lit?
(Practna-Paramita-Sutra) Buddhist scriptures from when Buddha spend 8 weeks preparing to tell world about enlightenment.
What are the 3 Bodies of Buddha?
1) Dharma Body
2) Apparition Body
3) Enjoinment Body
What are the prerequisites to Buddhahood?
1) Thought of enlightment
2) Vow
3) Prediction
What is an Arhant?
An enlightened representative of the Buddhist council(s)
What best describes Yasodhara?
Classic beautiful Indian women
What is Trsna?
What are the Traditional and Conventional periods for Buddhas life?
Traditional - 563-483BC
Conventional - 566-486BC
Who is Rahula?
Buddha's Child
Who is Arada Kalama?
Buddha's first teacher
Who is Suddhodana?
Buddha's father
What are the three divisions of the 8-fold path?
Morality, Meditation, Wisdom
What are the early 6 Paramitas?
1) Giving
2) Morailty
3) Patience
4) Vigor
5) Meditation
6) Wisdom
What does the Sutra-Pitaka mean, and what does it contain?
Basket of Discourses, contains teachings and sermons of Buddha
Where was the second Buddhist council held?
What is most wanted of man?
What is Sanga?
A buddhist community
Who was Ananda?
He was Buddha's cousin and personal attendant.
What is Yogacara?
A school founded by Asanga and Vasubandu.
What are the 4 classes?
Warriors (Ksatrias)
Priests (Brahmins)
Merchants (Vaisyas)
Laborers (Sudras) <-- Dravidians