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A strong social prohibition.

A rule that forbids specific behaviour with regard to certain objects, people, animals, days, or phases of life.

Not negative. Viewed as a way of protecting the individual and safeguarding the natural order of things.

Ofen relate to sex, birth and blood.

The act of pouring a liquid as an offering to a god.

Often as an atonement for the breaking of a taboo.

A human being who contacts and attempts to manipulate the power of spirits for the the tribe or group.

Acts as intermediary between the visible, ordinary world and the spirit world.

Performs healing and divination among other things.

Often combines roles or priest, oracle, psychologist, and doctor.

A long-stemmed sacred pipe used primarily by many native peoples of North America; it is smoked as a token of peace.

Smoked as part of a shared ceremony that establishes strong bonds among all the participants, and oaths sworn at these ceremonys have the greatest solemnity.

A foretelling of the future or a look into the past; a discovery of the unknown by magical means.

A power utilized by shamans.
Often in trance states.

Look for causes of illness in the past.
Look to future to guide an individual to act wisely.

Linked to Shamanism.
Sympathetic magic:

An attempt to influence the outcome of an event through an action that has an apparent similarity to the desired result.

Eg. throwing water into the air to produce rain, or burning an enemy's fingernail clippings to bring sickness to that enemy.

Can be used for harmful ends (bad/evil magic) or in ways which are helpful to society (good magic, or "medicine").

An animal (or image of an animal) that is considered to be related by blood to a family or clan and is its guardian or symbol.

Can be revered for it's symbolic meaning and clan symbolism.

Known in artwork like totem poles.