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Hey, give me a hand, will you?
ok, but i have to leave quick
where are you going?
you remember-Robert and I are going to the movies. He's picking me up, and he should be here now.
It doesn't look to me like you cleaned and vacuumed in here. How about the rest of the house?
Well, no, i didn't yet, but i was working on a school project. I'll do the housework tomorrow.
I have friends coming over tonight. I need the house cleaned now.
You didn't tell me that. I htought i could do it tomorrow.
Well, you can't, so get to work.
But Robert is going to be here any second. I don't ahve time to clean and vacuum
I can't help that. You can start by taking this stuff to your room.
But i'll miss the movie!
Go to a later one
I cant! everyone else is going to the six o clock movie and hten going out for food after.
Sorry, maybe you can join them later
This is not fair!
Oh, yeah? Maybe it would be fair if i just stopped your allowance.
You can really be a...
What? What can i really be?
Never mind.
No, no, tell me. I really want to know
NO, i don't know what i was going to say
Well, you better get started. Be sure to mop the kitchen floor.
Right. You want me to paint the walls too?
Just do your job around here.