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Generally, what are causes of arthritis?
• autoimmune connective tissue disease (ex. SLE, RA)
• gout
• infection
• local trauma
• osteoarthritis
According to demographics, what patient population present with spondyloarthropathies? with SLE? with gout? with osteoarthritis?
• Spondyloarthropaties » young men
• SLE » young women
• Gout » middle-aged men & postmenopausal women
• Osteoarthrits » elderly
What type of arthritis is characterized by pain at rest, morning stiffness, and improvement with activity?
inflammatory arthritis
What type of rheumatic disease is characterized by no pain at rest and is precipitated by activity?
• osteoarthritis
• non-arthritic musculoskeletal problems
What are clinical characteristics of spetic arthritis?
• usually involves large joints
• presents with fever & chills
What are clinical characteristics of spondyloarthropathy?
• usually in young to middle-aged males
• affects the axial skeleton & pelvis
• can also present w/ uveitis, aortic insuffiency, and enthesopathy