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dihydrofolate reductase inhibitor - interrupts purine biosynthesis
reduced IgM - rheumatoid factor production
reduced polymorphonuclear chemotaxis
dose-dependant absorption
drugs which cause stomatitis
methotrexate and gold
how to avoid methotrexate-induced dyspepsia
take with food or split the dose
onset of methotrexate
6-8 weeks
explain hepatotoxicity of methotrexate
a transient elevation of LFTs usually just during the first few days of tx
what should you do if your patient is on methotrexate and presents with SOB, cough, fever...
d/c and begin steroids; 17% can die from pulmonary adrs
nsaid / methotrexate drug interaction (explain)
nsaids elevate methotrexate levels by competing for renal elimination
why to use caution with parenteral methotrexate
anaphylaxis (uncommon with po tx)
when to do a cxr or pfts with a patient on mtx
only when pt is symptomatic
mtx should be supplemented with __ for a 50% reduction in adrs (gi and lfts)
folic acid, 1 mg po qday
histamine antagonist
has antiserotonin effects
inhibits prostaglandins and chemotaxis
onset of hydroxychloroquine
2-4 months
hydroxychloroquine's place in RA tx
hydroxychloroquine is for mild cases of RA or for use in combo with something else
how hydroxychloroquine causes retinopathies
it concentrates in the retina
hydroxychloroquine / retinopathy risk factors
age > 60, dose > 6 mg/kg/day, tx > 10 years
patients on hydroxychloroquine should get an eye exam every...
3-6 months
how hydroxychloroquine causes blurred vision
won't allow eye to accomodate or see distances
may cause bleaching of hair or blue-black skin discolorations
can cause psoriasis (usually RA meds can tx this!)
how hydroxychloroquine interacts with dig
increased digoxin levels
why you can't use hydroxychloroquine and gold / phenylbutazone
increased incidence of rash
wait __ until d/c from no effect with hydroxychloroquine
8 months
chelating agent
inhibits collagen formation and can therefore cause wrinkles
depresses t-cell but NOT b-cell activity
depolymerizes some macroglobulins (rheumatoid factors)
has 30% of unknown elimination
penicillamine's place in RA tx
refractory patients
onset of penicillamine
1-3 months
penicillamine works the best on
can be used to tx Wilson's disease
penicillamine - chelated copper in the body
33% will experience allergic reaction
explain why pts on penicillamine should be adherent to tx
allergic reactions occur with increased incidence when tx is interrupted
most common rash associated with penicillamine
early rash
seen with penicillamine during first 6 months of tx, general, red, itchy, all over body
early rash
tx for early rash
d/c, antihistamines, steroids; start lower and titrate slowly... may not happen again
seen with penicillamine after first 6 months fo tx; scaly, extremely itchy, concentrated on trunk
late rash
tx for late rash
won't respond to tx; do not rechallenge with penicillamine... 100% will get rash again, takes weeks / months to resolve
increased friability of the skin
treatment for oral ulcers seen with penicillamine
decrease the dose
how to admin supplement with penicillamine
admin iron to overcome anemia; stagger dose (chelater)
treatment for n/v/d with penicillamine
decrease the dose
can cause lack of taste for sweet / salty foods or a metallic taste in mouth
can rarely see myasthenia gravis
drug interaction with penicillamine and gold / phenylbutazone
decreased renal function