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Classic joints of osteoarthritis
DIP, PIP, hip, knee
<25% neurtophils
<2,000 WBC
Classic joints of RA
PIP, MCP, wrist
>50% neutrophils
>2,000 BC
>50% neutrophils
>2,000 WBC
needle-shaped crystals/neg bifregence

psuedogout - kneees, elbows, rhomboid shaped crystals/pos bifregence
Classic joints of septic arthritis
>75% neutrophils
seen in RA
articular cartilage looks like granualtion tissue due to chronic inflammation
Tx of RA
Nsaids for symptomatic relief
disease modifying agents like methotrexate, hydroxychloroquine and eanercept
Acute treatment of gout
colchicine or NSAIDs NOT aspirin
Maintence therapy of gout
high fluid intake, alkalinazation of urine
Most common cause of septic arthritis
staph aureus

sex. active adults - N. gonnorhea
Behcet's syndrome
painful oral and genital ulcers

may have uveitis, arthritis and other skin lesions
Dx of dermatomyositis
muscle bx, EMG is irregular
Signs of Kawasaki syndrome
truncal rash
high fevr > 5 days
strawberry tounge
late desquamation of palms and soles
coronary vessesl vasculitis and subsequent aneurysms --> may cause MI
Tx of Kawasaki's Dz
CREST symptoms in scleroderma
C= calcinosis Raynauds's phenomenom, Esophageal motility, Sclerodactlyl, telangiectasia

anticentromere ab = CREST
antitopoisomerase = scleroderma
Wegner's granulomatosis
nasal (nose bleeds, nasal perforation) lung (hemoptysis, dyspnea) and kidney (hematuria, acute renal failure) involvement

tx: cyclophosphamide
Paget's Dz
alk phosp markedly elevated in presence of normal calcium and phosphorous

increased risk of osteosarcoma
Tx of Paget's Dz
NSAIDS, etidronate, calcitonin