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_______ is the process for transmitting two or more signals over a common path by allocating a different time itnerval for the transmission of each channel.
Time Division Multiplexing
What receives and demodulates the input from four amplifier converters and provies a 1200 BPS output for the Demultiplexer?
What is the baseband equipment in the SHF System that normally provides 16 full duplex I/O ports for digital communications?
FCC-100 Multiplexer
This can accommodate up to 2000 nodes with link speeds ranging from 4.8Kbs to 2.048 Mbps.
Timeplex Link/2+ System
What does C4I stand for?
Command Control Computer and Intellegence.
Describe an active satellite.
Amplifier recieved signal and retransmit them back to earth.
According to satellites,what is synchronous orbit?
Satellites travels at the same speed as earth rotation, seen motionless in the sky.
What is Perigee?
point of which the satellite is closest to the center of the earth.
All versions of this either operate in Line-Of-Sight or SATCOM mode.
How does a passive satellite work?
Reflects radio signals back to Earth.
The area upon the earth in which a satellite's signal can be received is known as what?
Foot Print
The uplink frequencies of the WSC-3 are what?
292.2-311.6 Mhz
This is known as the angular position perpendicular to the earth's surface.
The downlink frequencies of the WSC-3 are what?
248.5-270.1 Mhz
What transceiver is issued for Antisubmarine Warfare Information Exchange Subsystem (ASWIXS)?
This requires the known positions of the satellite and the angles of azimuth and elevation.
DSCS links are designed to provide what?
High capacity, point-to-point service under normal conditions and to maintain the minimum required cirucuits during jamming.
COTS stands for what?
Commercial off the Shelf
AN/FCC-100(V)7 Multiplexer/Demultiplexer provides how many full duplex I/O ports?
This is used for general purpose and/or bulk encryption and decryption devices for tactical ground mobile and fixed plant applications.
What system provides worldwide, jam resistant,survivable and low probability of intercept.
AN/USC-38(V) povides how many transmit and receive, and how many receive-only communications ports for secure voice or data circuits.
8 transmit, 4 receive
DAMA stands for what?
Demand Assigned Multiple Access
What is the shoreside and afloat side of the UHF SATCOM baseband subsystems.
This increases the number of subsystems, or users, on one 25kHz satellite channel.
Each frame of the DAMA Subsystem time slot is how many seconds in length.
1.386 seconds
The basic format has each frame subdivided into how many time slots.
This provides the subscriber units with information as to system timing, configuration and control of a particular satellite RF channel.
This is the time slot used for transmission from the subscriber unit to the channel controller.
Link Test Slot does what for the satellite link.
Perform error analysis and evaluate performance.
Typical circuits which may be used on DAMA are what?
A KGV-11 crypto equiptment will save all memory variables when the MUX is turned off if put into STBY within how many seconds?
90 Seconds
What are the 6 purposes of the SATHICOM circuit?
Allow ships to report emergencies, Intended for tactical use, Half duplex, Net control by NCTAMS/NCTS, Interface capability into military communication system, Circuit discipline
FSB stand for what?
Fleet Satellite Broadcast
The AM-6534 is to be located within how many feet of the AS-2815 antenna.
10 feet
What is the simultaneous transmission of two or more signals within a single RF carrier?