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What are common impedance values for speakers?
4, 8, 16, 32 ohms
An automatic frequency controlled ckt has how many primary sections?
2 (the Frequency detector, and variable reactance)
Amphibious and Special operations use what freq band?
a Significant portion of the lower end of the VHF band
A BFO (beat freq oscillator) produces an oudio output how?
By hetrodyning the RF signal with another RF signal of the proper frequency from the BFO.
What is the purpose of a low frequency transmitter?
it transmits a high-powered signal over a very long distance.
What are the most common methods of multiplexing?
Time and Frequency division.
What is the standard speed for defense communication system teletype operations?
100 words perminute or 75 baud
What are AFC (automatic frequency control) ckts used for?
maintaining freq stability in radio receivers, FM transmitters, and freq synthesizers
What is frequency synthesis?
selecting/ heterodyning freqs to produce a unique signal freq that is not harmonically related to the crystal freqs & other signals used in the hetrodyning process.
What is HICOM
High Command Communications Network-Navy only network used to provide a voice link between the CNO and all subordinate commands.
What is SAS?
Single audio system- single red audio interface between various remote red phonelines & various plain/ secure baseband subsystems used with the ships external comms systems.
What is Ganged Tuning?
Two or more ckts tuned using a single control.
Name 5 coms modes
Simplex, half-duplex, duplex, semi-duplex, full-duplex, broadcast
What is AGC?
Automatic Gain Control- a control ckt that limits unwanted variations in the out put of a rcvr caused by variations in the strength of the received signal input
What is the purpose of a Squelch ckt?
it blocks the dector or audio amp when no signal is present, elimination reciever noise