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Why did Shay's Rebellion occur?
The soldier-farmers weren't paid after thewar so they tried to take over the gov.
If enough people moved into an area, people could make that area into a state. What is this called?
Northwest Ordinace
Did Jay's treaty stop the British from arming the American Indians and impressing the american soldiers?
Which treaty gave the US a right of deposit?
Pinckney's Treaty
Who were the four candidates for the first competition of presidency?
Adams, Jefferson, Pinckney, and Burr
How much of a person was a black person in the House of Reps?
Which was the first state to ratify the constitution?
Was Jefferson and Hamilton opposed or for the process of paying off national debt?
Jefferson: opposed
Hamilton: for it
Who wrote the Federalist Papers?
Was Jefferson and Hamilton for the French Revolution or against it?
Jefferson: for it
Hamilton: against it
Was Wash a democratic-repub. or a federalist?
Which 3 countries were major during Washingtons presidency?
During Washington's presidency, what trouble did England bring?
They were upset about the war
& had a 1793 peace treaty
During Washington's presidency, how was Spain so good?
They were willing to agree
Allowed sharing of Mississippi
What problems did France cause during Washington's presidency?
Separated parties
Disagreement in country over rebellion
peace treaty in 1796
Did people like Adams?
Oh yes indeedy
Who won the Election of 1800 and why?
Jefferson over Burr b/c Hamilton liked him more
What was the compromise about where the capital was placed?
It would be placed in the south (for Jefferson) but the US would pay its debt to other countries (Hamilton)
What was the French Constitution called?
The Declaration of Rights of Man
Was Jefferson an anti-Federalist?
Heck yeah!
Who was the 1st president to run for 4 terms?
Which amendment limits the # of years a president's term is?
How was France unstable after war?
XYZ affair
Why didn't the US and France go to war b/c of the XYZ affair?
Napoleon took over the new French gov.
What ruined Adams presidency?
Alien and Sedition Acts
Which amendment requires electors to vote for president/vice president on separate ballots?
What did the Judiciary Act of 1801 do?
Est. circuit courts and fed. judges
What were federal judges also known as?
Midnight judges
What is Judicial Review and who established it?
The power of the courts to declare an act of Congress unconstitutional. Est. by John Marshall
What exactly happened in Marbury Vs. Madison?
Madison wouldnt let Marbury be a midnight judge. By denying him to go to the supreme ct, he said it was unconstitutional. This created the constitutional interpreter