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John Adams
Second President.
First vice president.
Cousin of Samuel Adams.
A leader of the sons of of liberty.
Patrick Henry
Delivered "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death"
Thomas Jefferson
third president of the US,
wrote the declaration,
supported separation of church and state
American Patriot.
Ben Franklin
civic activist,
and diplomat.
invented light bulb.
did stupid amazing stuff with electricity.
signed declaration.
American Patriot.
George Washington
first president.
commander-in-chief of US forces during revolution.
known as father of the US.
led US to a victory over Britain.
Amercan Patriot
Edward Rutledge
singer of the Declaration.
governor of south Carolina.
delegate at both congresses.
American Patriot
Sons of Liberty
radical revolutionary group that protested British taxation with out representation and rioted in streets.
led by Paul revere, and the Adams'
Thomas Paine
wrote common sense, urging America to break free.
American Patriot.
Samuel Adams
cousin of john Adams,
chief Massachusetts leader of the Patriot cause.
Organizer of protests like the Boston Tea Party,
defended the British soldiers that shot the americans in the Boston Massacre.
American Patriot
Benedict Arnold
general of the continental army.
attempted to turn over an American fort in NY to England.
synonymous with treason.
Frances Marion
one of the fathers of modern guerilla warfare.
John Hancock
President of the Second and first Continental Congress'
first Governor of Massachusetts
first person to sign the Declaration of Independence.
Crispus Attucks
African American man killed in the boston massacre.
thought of as the first martyr for US independence.
French general that served in the US revolution for free.
Helped out US soldiers.
Nathan Hale
a captain in the US army that was hanged by England
gave his famous "Iregret that I have but one life to lose for my country" *speech*. Spied on England for US.
Ethan Allen
American revolutionary and guerrilla leader.
American Patriot.
Green Mountain Boys
people led by ethan allen who attacked quebec in the invasion of canada
American Loyalist
King George III
King of England.
Taxed a lot.
fueled war. most ppl hated him.
he sucked.
British Loyalist
Paul Revere
"midnight ride" leader of sons of liberty. pretty rad dude.
American Patriot
Horatio Gates
American general during the
credited - American victory at Saratoga blamed--defeat at the Battle of Camden.
American Patriot.
John Paul Jones
Killed a sailor.
changed his name.
Naval commander.
pretty famous guy.
Believed to have started US naval tradition
american Patriot.
Thomas Gage
british general.
commander-in-chief of british forces in America from 1773-1775.
british Loyalist.
German soldiers that came during the American Revolution to help British soldiers kill people.
General Cornwallis
Commander of British forces in the south.
Surrendered forces to Washington at Yorktown.
William Howe
British commander in chief of English forces from 1775-1778
Richard Henry Lee
opposed creation of the declaration.
delegate for the continental congress'.
Related to Robert E Lee
US senator
American Patriot
Abigail Adams
advocate for womens rights.
wife of john adams.
involved in the daughters of liberty. "second first lady"