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What are the 3 reasons Virginians disagreed with the British over how the colonies should be governed?
- They believed that they should not be taxed by Parliamnet

- They believed that their local assemblies had legal authority

- The English taxed the colonists without allowing them to have representation
What roles did Virginians take in the Revolutionary War?
- Some were neutral (didn't take sides)

- Soime remained loyal to England

- Some served in the Continental Army and fought against England

- English promised freedom to African Americans who fought for England
Who was Patrick Henry?
He was a powerful speaker who gave speeches against taxation without representation.
What were George Washington's achievements?
- President of the Constituional Congress

- Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army

- President of the new nation
Who was the "Father of the Constitution" and why was he called this?
James Madison

He was called this because he helped with the Constitution by attending all the meetings, helping delegates to compromise and worked hard to get it written.
Where was the last MAJOR battle of the Revolutionary War?
What happened at the battle of Yorktown?
English General Cornwallis surrendered.
Why did General Cornwallis surrender?
He had withdrawn to a peninsula and was surrounded on all sides.
What rights are included in the Declaration of Independence?
Life, liberty and free speech.
Why was the Declaration of Independence important?
Because it stated why the colonies should be free and independent states.
Why is Virginia called the "Mother of Presidents"?
Because most of the first presidents were from Virginia.
What is the Constitution?
A plan for government.
What is the major freedom expressed in the Virginia Statue for Religious Freedom?
The freedom of reigion.
Who wrote the Virginia Statue for Religious Freedom?
Thomas Jefferson.
Who wrote Virginia Declaration of Rights?
George Mason.
Who wrote the Constitution/Bill of Rights?
James Madison
What do both the Virginia Declaration of Rights and the Bill of Rights guarantee?
Citizens basic rights.
What is migration?
A movement of large groups of people.
A lot of Virginians migrated through the Appalachian Mountains through the __________________.`
Cumberland Gap.
Why was there a big westward movement?
Farmers had to look for new land to farm because the tobacco depleted the soil.
What two groups of people migrated from Pennsylvania down to Virginia?
Scotch Irish and Germans.
What is cultural landscape and who did this?
Cultural landscape is changing buildings, homes, barns, and churches to represent what they looked like in their home countries.
Where did the first Africans settle?
Piedmont and Coastal Plains
What Virginia city comes from and Indian word?
What River in Virginia comes from and Indian word?
Rappahanock River
What were the conflicts between the colonies and England over how the colonies should be governed?
- Right to tax

- Representation in Parliament

- Legal Authority in colonies
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
Thomas Jefferson
What was the Stamp Act?
A tax on all legal documents and newspapers. They were stamped to show tax had been paid.
What is the Parliament?
Britains legislature that began to pass new tax laws for the colonies.
What is representation?
The act of speaking or acting for someone else.
Who wrote the Virginia Constituion?
George Mason
What is revolution?
A sudden and complete change such as the overthrow of an estatblished government.
What is independence?
The freedom to govern themselves.
When was the Virginia Constitution written?
When was the Virginia Declaration of Rights written?
When was the Virginia Statue of Religious freedom written?
When was the Declaration fo Independence written?
When was the Constitution/Bill of Rights written?
What was the VA Constitution?
A plan for government for VA.
What did the Virginia Declaration of Rights guarantee?
Peoples freedom including religion and speech.
What did the Declaration of Indenpendence state?
It stated that we the colonies should be free and independent states.
What was the Constitution?
A plan of government for the whole country.
Who was James Lafayette?
A slave from Virginia that was a spy that served in the Continental Army and was given his freedom after the war.
Who spoke out against taxation saying "...give me liberty or give me death!"
Patrick Henry
What did the Virginia Declaration of Rights and the Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom serve as models for?
They served as models for the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of America.
Who provided political Leadership during the American Revolution?
Thomas Jefferson
Who provided military leadership during the American Revolution?
George Washington
How many original colonies were there?
How many colonies did it take to amend the Constitution and was Virginia one of them?