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is a set of laws by which a state or country is governed.
law making body
Articles of Confederation
Plan to run the government of the new country that did not go well.
legislature that makes the laws
Supreme Court
body that makes the laws or explains the laws.
a city that serves as the place of governemtn of a country or state
New Englanders who moved to New York. New Yorkers did not like the Yankees because there ways were different and they didn't like them moving into the state.
when you do not want to fight or side with anyone
when ships are blocked and not let in or out of an area.
What was the plan of governemtn set up by New York's first constitution?
The plan had a legislature, the law making body.
A govenor to carry out the laws and courts to explain the laws.
Who was NY first govenor?
George Clinton
What three states claimed land west of the Unadilla River and why?
New York
Each one said they were given the land when they were English. Govenor Clinton helped the states come to an agreement.
What state was once apart of NY and why did they split?
Vermont was apart of NY. After the war the people did not want to be apart of NY and wanted to be their own state.
What New Yorker helped win support for the United States Constitution?
Alexander hamilton. He was a representative from Philadelphia.
Why did some New Yorkers not like the constitution?
1. they did not want the US government stronger than the government of NY
2. they felt the Constitution did not do enough to protect their rights.