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-The colonists' army
-Known for their ability to rise to arms quickly when needed to fight
-American colonist who stayed loyal to the King and Britain during the Revolutionary War
George Washington
-Commander and Chief of colonial forces
-First president of the United States
Lexington and Concord
-Two first influential battles of the Revolutionary War
Declaration of Independence
-signed in 1776
-official document that proclaimed our independence from Britain
-Colonists realized that human beings have nautral rights
-We reserve the right to overthrow a corrupt government
-John Locke
Stamp Act
-Internal tax created by the British on all paper goods
-Colonists had no say
-Led to the slogan "No taxation without representation!"
Commitees of Correspondance
-Commitee created to spread information of British activity through the colonies
-Created by the Sons of Liberty
First Continental Congress
-1774-met in Philadelphia to figure out how to react to British cohersion
-Refusal by the colonists to accept British imports into colonies
-Economic retaliation