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volunteer military force
a written request signed by many people
a member of an assembly
someone who turns against his or her country
colonists who remained loyal to Britain during the American Revolution
to refuse to obey those in charge because of different ideas about what is right
to withdraw or cancel
the betrayal of one's country by giving help to an enemy
a lawmaking body
colonist who supported the fight for independence
stamp act
one of the first British laws taxing the colonies
to refuse to do business or have contact with person, group or country
Amerian Revolution
the war between the colonists and the british
Intolerable Acts
the reaction of the British Parliament to the Boston Tea Party
Committee of Correspondences
committee formed by the colonies to keep each other informed
a soldier who is paid to fight for another country
first continental congress
a meeting of colonial delegates to decide on a plan to oppose the Intolerable acts
sons of liberty
groups of colonists who organized protests against the British government
town meeting
citizens who gather to solve local problems
treaty of paris
in this 1783 document, the British recognized the US' independence and agreed upon new boundaries for the US
where the first battle of the american revolution took place
boston tea party
a protest in which colonists dumped chests of tea into boston harbor
townshend acts
laws that made colonists pay taxes on everyday items imported from Britain
trained soldiers, ready at a minute's notice
second continental congress
meeting of colonial delegates began in may 1775 to decide how to respond to the fighting between the british & the colonists
declaration of independence
this document explained why the colonies were breaking away from Great Britain and set out the rights and responsibilities of people in a democracy
continental army
this fighting force was made up of colonial troops to protect the colonies against British attack
battle of bunker hill
a famous battle between the british and minutement
who was patrick henry
made speeches that inspired many colonists to fight for freedom
who was paul revere
with William Dawes, alerted colonists that British soldiers were headed for concord
who was thomas paine
wrote a pamphlet called common sense in which he argued that the colonists should separate from Britain
who was mercy otis warren
a writer who encouranged colonists to give up tea and other goods from Britain
who was john adams
agreed to defend the british soldiers involved in the boston massacre
who was ethan allen
led the green mountain boys in capturing fort ticonderoga
why was the stamp act passed & how did the colonist respond?
Taxed on paper products, colonists protested with rate. As a result, British repealed the act. The sons of liberty protested & they attacked the tax collectors
why was the townsend act passed & how did the colonist respond
tea, paper, glass, lead & paint were taxed. Colonist boycotted these items. The Boston massacre happened
why was the intolerable act passed & how did the colonist respond
Parliment ordered colonists to take care of soldiers. Colonists rebelled Britain. Parliment repealed the intolerable acts
compare strengths of the continental army with those of british army
continental was a weak army, hardly able to fight the British, they later got help which helped them win the war. CONTINENTAL ARMY had a greater motivation, didn't have to ship guns or troops and knew the land well. BRITISH was a strong army, used the navy to help them attack worn out colonists
Why was the declaration of independence an imporant document to the patriots
THE d.o.c. IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE IT SHOWS THAT aMERICA IS A FREE COUNTRY. It explained why the colonies were breaking away from Britain. It states that all men are created equal.