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How was land owned in France?
By the aristocrats, the royal family, or the church.
How did the ownership of land affect farming?
Farmers had to owe the bulk of their produce to the feudal lord
Depict the Frech social pyramid
the church
workers and serfs
What were some privileges of aristocracy and the church?
aristocrats paid few taxes
the church had the right to tax peasants 10% of their income (a tithe)
How was France not a unified country?
It ws divided into many different districts, each having a different tax or toll (country wasnt unified)
What difficulties did the peasants face?
couldnt read or write, victims of famine, no access to education, forced to spend time working for the lord
What difficulties did the urban poor face?
Had to spend half their income on food, many were poor and lived in slum
What difficulties did the bourgeoisie (middle class) face?
It was hard to make a profit, different districts have different tariffs and tolls
What was inflation?
It was when there was many wealthy people coming into the country and spending a lot of their money, prices of goods rose and unwealthy people werent able to afford all the goods (like bread)
Why was Louis XIV named the Sun King? and how long did he rule for?
He saw himself as al light in all the nation. He ruled for 72 years
How did Louis XIV try to show his importance?
He built a grand palace in the city of Versailles.
How were Louis XIV's actions in Finance bad for France?
He depleted his treasury after fighting the dutch
How were Louis XIV's actions in War bad for France?
He went into many battles to promote his own interests and expand territories.
How were Louis XIV's actions in Politics bad for France?
claimed that the french monarch had special rights within the Roman Catholic Church. His persecution of Calvinist protestants led to a decline in population
Why was Louis XVI a bad choice for king?
He was uninterested in governing, didnt have the qualities, and had no understanding
Who were the philosophes?
They were men and women that met to discuss society, politics, and solutions to social problems
What did the philosophe Voltaire believe?
Freedom of thought, he was against the church, thought monarchy was good for society
What did the philosophe Montesquieu believe?
The ruler should work with elected parliament
What did the philosophe Rousseu believe?
Society needed a social contract, natural law, live in harmony with nature
What was the estates general?
It was a kind of parliament that met only by royal command
What were the three estates of the estates general?
They were the three social classes.1st estate- clergy, 2nd- aristocrats, 3rd- middle class