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What was two major turning points about Magna Carta established in 1215?
1. Rule of Law-No king is above the law
2. Nobles now have rights [not just the royal people]
What is a Democracy? What is a Republic?
Democracy- "We The People" the people vote
Republic- Elect Representatives
What is a Federal Government?
Controls all of the land
What is a State Governemnt?
Controls its own state
What don't Americans want another of?
A Tyrant.
Why do the states put pwer in the state government ?
They don't want a strong central governemnt because that could lead to why tehy seperated from England in the first place. They want the governement to be close to home.
What was "The League of Frienship" and why was it not working?
It was a loose alliance between all the states but there was no central governemtn to keep them from bickering so they always fought. It was a nice name for a not nice situtation.
When and wehre did the Convention take place?
Summer of 1787 in Philadelphia.
Who didn't come to the convention and why?
Sam Adams and Patrick Henry didn't come becasuse they feat a strong federal governemnt was goign to happen and they didn't watn to be apart of it.
Why did the ppl of the Constitutional Convention close the windows? What affect did this have?
Becuase they wantd privacy and tehy didn't want other people to see that they were fighting. This was a problem becauese it was hot stuffy, they had on warm clothes, so it got them in a bad mood so they were irritable.
In what year did the court case Pleasy vs. Fergason occur?
What did the law state after the pleasy vs. Fergason courtcase?
There could be seperate places for black and whites if they were equal.
Was this court overruled? Why?
yes, it was overruled because if they were seperate, they could be equaly, cuz their different. Supreme court changed it.
What was the name of the second law case about the little girl walking by the school everyday?
Brown Vs. the Board
What is civil disobedince?
if you beleive that the law is unjust, when you break the law with a non violent protest.
how many delagates were at the convention but who didn't send reps?
55 except for Rhode Island.
Name 4 intelligent ppl to attend the Convention.
Geroge Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, and Jaems Madison.
What was James Madison also known as and why?
The Father of the Constitution.

He had researcehd books on policits, commernce and history . He was fully prepared and had a lot of knowledge. And he influenced many people.
Who came up with the Great Compromise?
Rodger Sherman
What are the three branches of governemtn adn what do they do?
Legistlative Branch-Comes up with the laws
Executive Branch-Carries out the laws
Judicial Branch-determines if the laws were carried out fairly
Who beleived in Civil Disobedince?
Martin Luther King
Wha re two examples of civil disopedience?
Singing behing the counters, a boycott.

Also, when the blacks boycotted the bus.
What is share crop?
When the slaves were free, they had no place to go. Their owners mad e a deal with them that if they work they'll suply food and housing.
What are some disatvantages for Share crop?
If there was a drout hurricane of flood, the slaves would loose there crops and would be n debt for buying all of the suplies. And would be a slave agian all over.
What is the Confederett army?
An Army fighting to keep the slaves
Which side did the Virginia Plan favor?
Explain the plan.
The larger states because the Virginia plan stated that the more people you have the more representatives you should hve.
Which side did the New Jersey plan favor?
Explain the plan.
The smaller states because the New Jersey Plan stated that each state should get equal representation or else the bigger states would have total control over the country.
What was the Great Compromise?
Where there would be two houses of legislatrues.
Lower House--> House of Represenatives would be elected by popular vote. (this pleased the virginia plan supporters.

Upper House-Senate. Each state no matter what the size would have 2 senators . (this pleased the smaller states.)

all states had to give up something for unity.
Why didn't the Northerners feel like slaves should be counted in a census?
Becuase they don't get rights and they dont get votes and they are property.
how did the North And the South compromise the slave issue?

Why did they desperately need to come up wih a compromise?
Each slave would be worth 3/5 of a person so it was called the Three Fifths Compromise. Only 3/5 of the amount of slaves would go into consideration.

So that the slave owning states wouldn't walk out on the conventoin
what is the Union army?
Army fighting to get the slaves free
Whats a Viglanti?
takes the law into their own hands against the slaves.