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innixus, -a, -um + abl.
leaning on
superbus, -a, -um
proud, arrogant
venia, -ae, f.
pardon, forgiveness
dicta, dictôrum,
words (lit. "[things] having been said," the p.p.p. of dîcô)
ambô, ambae, ambô
opus, operis, n.
work, product
laqueus, laqueî, m.
misereor, miserêrî, miseritus sum + gen.
to pity
arânea, -ae, f.
fîlum, -î, n.
dêdûcêns, dêdûcentis (Pres. Act. ppl. of dêdûcô)
drawing out, spinning
cêdô, cêdere, cessî, cessûrus + dat.
to yield to, give in to
ostendô, ostendere, ostendî, ostentus
to show
gerô, gerere, gessî, gestus
to wear; to carry on, perform, do
suspendô, suspendere, suspendî, suspênsus
to suspend, hang
pendeô, pendêre, pependî
to be suspended, hang
dêminuô, dêminuere, dêminuî, dêminûtus
to reduce in size
Lydius, -a, -um
from Lydia (part of ancient Persia), Lydian
perîtus, -a, -um
têla, -ae, f.
web, fabric, loom
cûriôsus, -a, -um
curious, full of concern
nympha, -ae, f.
nymph, nature spirit
mîror, mîrârî, mîrâtus sum
to admire, wonder at, wonder
negô, negâre, negâvî, negâtum
to deny
certâmen, certâminis, n.
anus, anûs, f.
old woman
simulô, simulâre, simulâvî, simulâtum
to pretend, take the form of