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A skilled professional application, without movement, applied with intelligence, control, and purpose:
Touch combined with motion, moving 1-2 per second in one direction only, generally in the direction of blood flow in the arteries.
A client reports feeling strange sensations on the skin of his back, among which are numbness tingling, and crawling sensations. Which kellogg procedure would you use
Digital stroking
Palmar stroking
Passive touch
Scliosis is
Lateral deviation of the spine
A client is experiencing insominia what kellogg procedure would you use
Passive touch
Digital stroking
Palmar stroking
A client has pelvic pain. Where should you do derivative friction
Lower back
A client come into the office and is visibly upset. He also appears to be hyper. He is moving quickly, speaking quickly, and you can see signs of stress in his facial features. Which combination of procedures would you use
Passive Touch
Palmar stroking
Lightly touching the part with one or more fingers or one or both hands
Passive touch
A client is having sciatic like pains, which procedures would best alleviate these symptoms
Nerve compression at the junction of the sacrum and ilium, as well as over the sciatic nerve
A client is complaining of constipation. Which area would you perforom reflex stroking on
An inflammatory disease of the joints that has granulated deposits is
Gouty Arthritis
Which procedure produces a muscel contraction as a result of the formation of a reflex arc through the spinal cord
Reflex stroking
What is the effect of heat
Increased circulation
If a client ask you to massage his prostate, you would say
I'm not licensed to do that kind of work
According to the massage Scope of Practice, the massage therapist may do which of the following
Take a written or verbal inquiry to ascertain if massage is advisable
Univerasal percaustions, as defined by the Center for disease control is designed to prevent transmission of
Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
Hepatitis B Virus (HBV)
Bloodborne pathogens
Which is the common level of cleaing used by the massage therapist
Universal percautions apply to urine, sweat, tears, vomitus, and saliva only when
They contain visible blood
Hands and other skin surfaces should be disinfected if contaminated with
Body fluids requiring universal percautions
The preferred, medium level sanitation solution for cleaining up spills of the body fluid is
1 part bleach to 9 parts water
If a comtaminated substance comes into contact with your skin, what would be recommended
Wash immediately with soap and water and a 10% bleach solution
Which type of friction is done in the direction of the arterial flow
Centrifugal friction
The limb is grasped by both hands which make an alternate wringing or twisting motion from distal to proximal
Circular friciton
Mobilization of soft tissue next to a joint is best accomplished by
A client has been suffering from insomnia what would you do
Decrease vascular activity by applying centrifugal friction
When the lymph spaces and channels lymphatic system are affected
The immune system is affected
The whole or part of a hand ismoved over the surface with considerable pressure
Your client is lying supine you take her arm and lay it over her stomach. The movement of her arm is
Medial rotation
The skin is simultaneously compressed between the thumb and finger and lifted from the underlying bone or muscle
Superficial kneading
What is the list of deep kneading
The parts should be squeezed or compressed in the hand, lifted from the bone or underlying tissues, and rolled and stretchedin an upward direction or from the point of insertion
Is it true or false that you only use gloves with an infected HIV client or Dried blood is not Contagious
If you're massaging the manubrium where are you massaging
Sternum (manubrium is the top part of the sternum)
A client arrives at your office and is very cold. His car heater is not working and it is 13 degrees out. What procedure would you use
Moving the fluid on veins and lymph spaces and channels is what type of physiological effect
In performing centripetal friction of the thigh above an injures knees as a treatment, this is what type of effect
Your client comes in the office showing signs of jaundice, yellowed skin, yellowed whites of the eyes. What do you need to know before you massage
The underlying cause of the jaundice
A client has been complaining that she has been ill frequently over the past few months. What procedure would you use to boost her immune system
Friction alternated with kneading
To cool down a runner whose body temperature is elevated you should use
This procedure stimulates all functions of the skin and addresses dry skin, hidebound skin, dropsy, and edema, among others
If a client comes in with impingement of the brachial plexus, what muscle would you massage
Pectoralis Minor Scalenes
According to Kellogg, which of the follwoing procedures is the best for producing change in the human body:
Under the scope of Practice according to Ohio law
Massage therapists may not diagnose a person's condition and prescribe a course of treatment
One or both palms move slowly over the area, a fine trembling movement being executed at the same time
Superficial vibration
What can you do immediately after a sprain of the ankle
Derivative friction on the thigh
If a person has a vascular headache you would not do what procedure
Cetrifugal friction of the neck
The following is a form of percussion in which the tips of the fingers alone are used
Effleurate is most like
The best effect will be obtained by placing one finger upon the motor point, pressing firmly on the nerve, and then tapping the finger with the fingers of the other hand
Point percussion
With the percussive technique, the ulnar border of the hand is used chiefly on the chest, spine, and head, although it can be used anywhere
A client reports that, after carrying a heavy shoulder bag through the airport, she is experiencing neck and shoulder pain. What muscle would be affected
Levator scapula
Which procedure is best for producing reflexive effects
Which type of joint movement affects, almost solely, the joints, having only a very small effect on the muscles
When applying joint movements, boththe client and the therapist take equal part int he movement. Either may initate the movement, alothough the client usually does. This procedure acts vigourously on both joints and muscles
Massage Therapist are not legally bound to follow
AMTA Scope of Practice
Is it illegal for an LMT to work on Levator Ani
Yes it is illegal
Is it true the joint movement causes increase circulation in blood and lymph channels
No it is not true
It produces strong derivative effects
It improves joint nurtrition
It affects circulation of lymph, but not of blood
A client has relaxed enough to doze of during the first part of the massage. He is now drowsily awake, and you want to make sure he is stimulated enough so that he won't doze off again while driving home. What proceudre would be best to use near the end of the massage
Lateral vibration
Resistive joint movement
use just enough resistance to engange the muscle
It works strongly on muscles and joints
Follow the noraml movement of the joint
For vibration, what would be a contraindications
Marked hyperaesthesia
Inflammation or fever
Morbid growths and suppurations
A client has unresolved pneumonia kellogg says to use
hacking of the chest
A client complains of constipation, which procedure would you use
Abdominal reflex stroking along the mammary lines, fist kneading along the course of the colon, and percussion over the abdomen
The AMTA code of Ethics is nor enforceable by law in the state of Ohio is this true regarding the Code of Ethics of Massage Therapist as adopted by the State Medical Boardlof Ohio
What procedure is the slowest
Fist kneading
The primary importance of sanitation is
To prevent the spread of contagious diseases
What produces the most sedative effects
passive touch
What is the effect of not using llubricant with friction
Increase reflexive effects
What is true of hand washing when considered as the single most effective deterrent to disease
Proper hand washing includes both hands and foremarms
Should be done after blowing the nose, coughing in the hands, or using the toilet
Should be done both before and after each massage
IN massage, vasconstriciton and vasodilation of blood vessels is due to
Reflexive effects
Improvement in the functioning of the digetive system is what physiological effect
Light stroking on the mammary line causes contraction of the abdominal muscles, this is what type of physiological effect
This type of physiological effect involves nerve signal traveling from the periphery to the spinal cord, and then to muscles and or internal organs
What procedure of massage best directs oxygen and nutrients to the muscles
What would not be true of the effects on the nervous system
Only a few massage procedures produce reflex effects
What procedure is most like skin rolling
Superficial kneading
What would not be true of the effects of massage on the muscular system
Secondary fatigue can be caused only by over exercise
What procedures would best help alleviate muscle fatigue
What would not be true of the effects of massage on the skeletal system
Massage encourages muscle development, but not bone development
What would not be true of the effects of massage on circulation
Massage accelerates the heartbeat as mluch as exercise does
To affect the portal circulation, kellogg recommends
Massage of the legs
To affect pulmonary circulation, kellogg recommends
Massage of the arms and legs
Muscles are the furnaces of the body; heat is produced there; especailly with
For good body heat regulation, heat need to be eliminated as well as created. What procedure would best accomplish this elimination
What would be illegal
Dr. Adams for every client you send to me, I'll give you a free massage
What would not be true of the effects of massage on digestion
Massage keeps the alimentary mass in the stomach longer
What would not be used for massage
Mentholated liniment
If a person receives massage regularly, what effect would this have on his immune systme
The immune system could be permanently boosted
A client has light chest pains, is short of breathe, and starts to sweat. What should you do
Stop the massage and call 911
What is concerned with lack of muscular contraction
Locomotor ataxia
Where is cicular friction done
On the extremitites
Massage as a therapeutic means is a result of the
Influence on circulation
Direct and indirect influence on the nerves
Modifying influence on assimilation and dissimilation
What will be a breach confidentiality
Everything must be included in the clients's written record
Massage in diabetes
Is contraindicated if the diabetes has complications
Should not be done if the vascular system is compromised
Burns blood sugar, and could possibly result in insulin shock
Bright's disease is a disease of the
What muscle would you massage for shin splints
Tibialis anterior
Raynauds Disease is due to repetitive stress can be relieved best by
Local massage of the hands
If your client is taking Warfarin, what should you keep in mind
It's a blood thinner
Friction has the least effect on which circulation
Your client experiences heelp pain, a possible cause is
Plantar facitits
Carpal tunnel syndrome is due to oversue of muscles of the
A client has been ill and bed ridden for about 6 weeks. He is well now but complains of extreme weakness. You would do
Friction and petrissage to address muscular atrophy
What would not be true of R.I.C.E method as it applies to first aid in treatment of an injury
It temporarily increases the secondary injury to tissues
A golfer has pain when rotating or bending to the side. What muscles would you address
A client is experiencing a muscle spasminthe quadriceps. What would you do
Place a hot compress on the muscle spasm
What would not be true of ice application
It increases the metabolism, thus increasing the possibility of secondary injury
What is not grounds for discipline by the state Medical Board
Sharing patient information and records with the State Medcial Board during an investigation