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Mechanical effects of massage include
Restoration of misplaced viscera
Movement of blood and lymph in venous and lymph channels
While giving your client a general massage, his stomach grumbles. What has occurred
There is a stimulation to the parasympathetic divisionof the ANS because of the reflex reaction of the skin contact
The reason massage is good for infantile paralysis (polio) is because it
Increases the electroexcitablity of the muscles
Muscular weakness in fever is due to
The consumption of glycongen
A client ask you why you are doing joint movements of his ankle. You explain that joint movements
Increase circulation becasue blood and lymph vessels are largest at joints
The benefits of massage on respiration take place not only in the lungs, but also at the ______ level
Cellular level
One reason that the diaphragm is known as a lymph pump is beacuse
The central tendon of the diaphragm contains a large number of lymph channels
Stroking is used to
soothe and calm the nervous system
_____ of the extremities is the most powerful of all means of aiding lymphatic and venous circulation for the treatment of edema
Centripetal friction
Passive touch would not be most helpful procedure for
Edema of the extremities
A client comes into your office with pleurisy. What would be your approach
You would use a percussion procedure
Deep kneading is most useful for
Bringing circulation
Pliability to muscles
The treatment of choice for facial neuralgia would be
Nerve compression
Pain along the entire nerve path describes
Writer's cramp would likely affect this muscle
Flexor digitorum superficialis
A pregnant client presents at your office with swollen ankels and on other symptoms. You apply
Centripetal friction to lower extremities
Derivative massage could include
Deep kneading
Multiple sclerosis is an example of
Chronic condition
This term also describes muscular rhemuatism
Indications that rheumatoid arthritis is in the active stage of inflammation would be
the joints are red hot and swollen
A client says that her dentist has said, " You may have TMJ disorder, but why dont you try massage therapy first? As a massage therapist , how would you proceed?
Insist on a written referral from the dentist that it's OK to do the massage without knowing the cause of pain
A client who is on your table beings to have intense muscle spasm. Your choice of action are
Hot compresses over the muscle affected
What would be illegal for a massage therapist
You take a client's blood pressue and state, "you have really high blood pressue"
The most common cuse of headache is
Muscle tension
Pleurisy is
Inflammation of the pleural membrane ( the 2 membranes that enclose and protect each lung
A massage treatment suitable for pleurisy is
Hacking or cupping in the direction of the axilla or lymphatics
Unexplained edema can be caused by
Congestive heart failure
Renal failure
Local inflammation
Your client presens with pitting edema of their lower legs. Your massage choices would be
Passive touch to head and shoulder and refer to Dr. for evaluation
Infectious, communicable disease that most often affects lungs. Casued by a bacteria that can remain dormant in healty individuals. If immune system is impaired, bacteria becomes active, Incidence of this disease has risen draatically largely due to HIV virus damaging immune systmes. This disease is
Parkinson's disease diminishes the amount of the neurotransmitter,______
Massage is indicated for parkinson's diseae becasue it relieves muscle soreness caused by the tremors and becasue massage ______ the level of neurotransmitter dopammine
Another name for ankle joint is
Another name for the wrist joint is
Another name for the shoulder joint is
Another name for the joint between the talus and calcaneus is
The joint responsible for dorsiflexion and plantar flexion of the foot is
The joint responsible for inversion and eversion of the foot is
What is the most direct way to mechanically address the carpal tunnel
Digitla kneading of the palm and wrist
Sedative effects are acheived by
Derivative massage
Gentle stroking
Which procedures of massage would have a profound affect on heat production
Stong percussion
Deep kneading
A client comes in with dry, cold skin. Which procedure would be most helpful
A broken leg is an example of an
Acute condition
Posion Ivy is a
Local disorder
For a fever of 99.8, this procedures would be beneficial
Ligth centripetal friction
Light cetrifugal friction
Gentle stroking
The therapist applies passive touch to the abdomen, at and just below the umbilicus. This is a simple procedure for determining
Aortic Anerurysm
Aseptic techniques are techniques which
Kill or disable pathogens on surfaces to prevent transmission
The cleaning solution recommended by the CDC for cleaning up body fluid spills is
10% bleach solution
The three aseptic techniques are
A massage therapist should rinse hands under hot, running water, with fingers
The directions doesn't matter