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What is the ability to pay principal?
Medical care in the US is distributed according to one'a bility to pay.
What does Article 51 of the U.N. Charter say?
It provides an exception to the Charter's obligation of UN members to refrain their international relations fomr the threat or use of force against any state. Article 51 says that anyone has the right to defend themself if an attack occurs.
What is a Black Box?
It is a metaphor for how the public views how public policy is created. A black box is a gadget whose output is known even though its internal workings are not known.
What is the Blue Cross and what does it do?
It first offered hospital insurance in 1929.
What is the Brady Bill?
It is a ban on assault weapons. It was named after presidention press secretary James brady who was wounded in the assasination attempt on Ronald Reagan. It required a background check and a five day "cooling off" period because one could buy a gun.
What is a caucus?
A series of part meetings at every level of party organization within a state.
What is the CIA. What do they do?
It was created by the national security act of 1947 to advise and make recommendations to the departments of government about issues and situations related to national security policy making
What is the class conflict model?
It claims that employers use education to screen workers. Employers are more willing to high more educated employees because they are more willing to accept the traditional corporate values.
What is classical liberalism?
It advocates free markets at home and in international trade and minimal state interference.
What is conservatism?
Temperamental conservatism attributions inclue inertia, fear of the unexpected, habit, the need to be accepted, and fear of being alone.
What is the relationship between the Constitution and Criminal Law?
When drafting the constitution, the founding fathers left criminal law up to the states. They wanted criminal law to reflect community standards and enforcement to be localizes.
What is the culture of poverty?
Poor people develop lower class culture values to enable them to survive poverty.
What is Cyclical Unemployment?
Unemployment cause by a lack of jobs in the economy due to a general economic downturn, it is of serious concern.
What is deductive reasoning?
A conclusion follows the evidence
What is inducitve reasoning?
When the conclusion goes beyond the evidence
What does the director of national intelligence do?
He is responsible for determinging the annual budget for all national intelligence agencies and direct how those funds are spent.
What is the relationship between education and lifetime earnings?
There is a positive relationship between educationg and lifetime earnings. Highschool grads make more than non highschool grades, and college grads make more than just highschool grads.
What is the employment act of 1946?
held that the government was responsible for providing maximum employment, productiong and purchasing power. it moved to how best to achieve a robust economy.
What is Environmental Policy?
the purpose is to inform policy choices regarding the relationship between human society and the environment, more specific, to protect the environment.
What does the environmental protection agency do?
they are given the responsibility to regulate and monitor air and water pollution.
What is environmental justice?
lower income groups are much mor elikely to face the hazards associated with pollution than are more affluent groups.
What is equality of opportunity?
the ability for everyone to have the same opportunity to achieve their goals
What is equality of outcome
the ability for everone to achieve their intended goal regardless of the starting point.
What are some of the explenations for the rise of homelessness?
falling incomes of low skilled workers, reduction in availability of house for low income families.
What is an exploratory committee and what does it do?
it is an organization established to help determine whether a potential candidate should run for elected office. activites inclue polls, traveling, and telephone calls.
what are the factors of production?
land, labor, capitol
What was the federal gun control act of 1968?
it emphasised restraint on the availability and distribution of guns.
What is flat tax?
also called proportional tax, tax is the same through all income levels.
What is fiscal policy?
the use of government taxing and spending to stimulate or slow the economy; federal budget is the means by which fiscal policy is implemented. the government can increase or decrease aggregate demand by increasing or decreasing spending.
what is frictional unemployment?
the temporary unemployment of new entrants to the labor force of those who leave one job while they look for a better one.