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What are the five steps in teaching a new skill?
What are the four kinds of skills needed to practice dentistry well?
Technical Skills
Product and Service Knowledge
Interpersonal Skills
Customer Knowledge
What areas of dentistry does restorative always include?
Operative Dentistry
Fixed Prostho
Esthetic Dentistry
What areas of dentistry does restorative sometimes include?
Removalbe Prostho
Who's wooden teeth were scene in class?
George Washington
What is a fixed partial denture called?
What is field width?
Size of the operating site when viewed through the loupes.
In loupes, what can promote less eye fatigue?
A wider field width.
In general, the higher the magnification the __________________ the field.
Higher mag => smaller field
What is field depth?
Range of focus delivered by the loupe.

Larger allows for ability to see entire workspace.

Dependent upon environmental working conditions.
What is accommodation in reference to loupes?
The eyes ability to focus and refocus.
What is a working angle in reference to loupes?
Allows the user to work in a proper ergonomic way and still view the field.

Lens aim down.

Termed angle of declination.
What is the order of importance in choosing loupes?
1. Resolution
2. Comfort
3. Field Width
4. Field Depth
5. Magnification
6. Weight
What are the three learning styles presented in restorative?
What are the main ideas of Visual Learners?
Learns: By Seeing

Memory: Remembers names, forgets faces

Handwriting: Good appearance

Clothes: Neat, meticulous
What are the main ideas of Auditory Learners?
Learns: By Hearing

Memory: Remembers Names, Forgets Faces

Handwriting: Tends to write lightly

Clothes: May dress in style, appearance not important
What are the main ideas of Kinesthetic Learners?
Learns: by doing

Memory: remembers what happened

Handwriting: Presses heavily

Clothes: likes comfort, gets clothes wrinkled
What does E stand for?
What does I stand for?
What does S stand for?
What does N stand for?
What does T stand for?
What does F stand for?
Which fo the four personality groupings displays gender bias?
Thinking v. Feeling

60:40 split
Within the personality traits, dentists as a whole exhibit certain personality tendancies. What are they?
Tend to be Introverts
Tend to be Thinkers
Tend to be Judgers
What is an impression?
An impression is a negative form of the oral cavity.
What is a key property of impression material?
Deforms elastically over undercuts and springs back into position.
What is the impression material called?
What are some purposes of creating impressions and stone models?
*Pre-op record (permanent record)
*Diagnostic/Study Model (treatment planning)
*Working model (diagnostic waxup)
*Opposing Model (articulator)
*Fabricate a stint for temp crown
*Fabricate bleaching trays
What is alginate derived from?
What are the two types of impression material and what are they each used for?
Reversible: Master Impressions

Irreversible: Study Models, etc
The alginate we use is called "Irreversible ____________"
Irreversible Hydrocolloid
What are the two types of alginate hydrocolloid?
Type I: Fast 1-2 Mins
Type II: Normal 2-4.5 Mins

Pacific uses Type I
When choosing a dental tray, should it be smaller, larger, or the same size as the dental arch?
The tray should be slightly large
What can be added to a tray to extend it or provide patient comfort?
Beading Wax
What is included in the armamentarium for creating impressions?
*Flexible Bowls
*Impression Trays
*Powder Scoop
*Graduated cylinder
*Typodont or a schmuck
How is the correct water-powder ratio achieved?
Via the use of the included measuring scoops and graduated cylinder
When you mix alginate, what is added to what?
Powder is added to water
When loading the maxillary tray, how many loads should you use?
One load
When loading the mandibular tray, how many loads should you use?
Three loads
When creating a maxillary arch impression, where should the operator be seated?
When creating a mandibular arch impression, where should the operator be seated?
What is the mixing time?
Time from start to finish of mixing
What is gelation time?
Time from initial mixing to hardening of material
Why can't you disturb alginate once it has begun to harden?
You will fracture the alginate fibers.
What determines Type I vs. Type II alginate?
The amount of retard added.

When changing the water temp 1 degree C, what happens to gelation time?
As much as 20 second change
What is the best way to alter the gelation time?
By adjusting the water temp.
What happens when you add too much or too little water to the gel?
Weakened final gel
What happens if you do inadequate mixing?
Up to 50% decrease in strength
What happens if you overmix the alginate?
Gel will break up chemically
What is the cause of grainy impressions?
Improper mixing

Prolonged mixing

W:P too low
What is the cause of tearing in impressions?
being a dumb ass

Inadequate bulk of material

Moisture contamination

Prolonged Mixing

Premature removal from mouth
What is the cause of bubbles in impressions?
Air incorporated during mixing
What is the cause of irregular voids on impressions?
Moisture or debris on tissue
What is the cause of rough or chalky stone casts?
Inadequate cleaning of impression

Excess water left in impression

Premature removal of cast

Leaving cast in impression too long

Improper manipulation of stone
What is the cause of distortion in impressions?
Impression not poured immediatly

Movement of tray during gelation

Premature removal from mouth

Improper removal from mouth
What is needed in the fabrication of stone casts?
*Flexible bowl
*Graduated Cylinder
*NOT mounting stone
Where do you mix the stone?
On top of a vibrator
What is the correct way to pour stone?
Why don't you box impressions?

Weight causes overfilling
What is basic timeline of stone pouring?
Pour initial stone into teeth.

Wait 20+ mins

Pour base and invert

Allow 45+ minutes
Where does gypsum come from?
All over the world
What is the chemical of gypsum?
Calcium sulfate dihydrate
Is setting of the stone an exothermic or endothermic rxn?
What are the 5 types of gypsum?
Type I: Plaster (rarely used)
Type II: Dental Plaster (mounting stone)
Type III: Dental Stone (yellow)
Type IV: Improved Stone, Die Stone (Pink)
Type V: High Strength/Expansion
What are the two forms of hemihydrate?
alpha-hemihydrate (stone)
beta-hemihydrate (plaster)
Describe alpha-hemihydrate:
Stone Crystals

More dense and stronger than beta crystals

Prismatic Shape
Describe beta-hemihydrate:
Plaster crystals

Crystals are spongy, irregular in shape, compared with alpha
What is die stone used for?
aka Pink Stone

Master cast fabrication for restorative work
What is mounting stone used for?
aka Blue

Fast setting stone for mounting study and working models to articulator
What is 'Vicat'?
Setting time of stone