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early grammar books were based on _______.
what was the earliest dictionary and who wrote it?
"A Table Alphabetical for Ladies and Other Unskillful Persons" -Robert Cawdrey
what was special about cawdrey's dictionary?
it didn't have j,k,w,x
120 pages, 2521 words and ocnsidered cornerstone of standard english
what was the big problem?
spelling vs. pronunciation
what happened to Charles I?
he was executed by the puritans
what were the cavaliers like?
wanted a monarchy, supported the king, lived a life of excess, and wanted ornate english to be the standard
what were the puritans like?
wanted a parliament, plain english, and thought excess was wicked.
what happened during the age of reason/enlightenment?
logic, scientific observations, and factual explanation.
who were scholars of this time?
Sir Isaac Newton, Edmond Hailey, William Harvey, Robert Hooke
what became the most popular style of writing?
what is sattire?
it makes fun of society to improve society
what did Charles II do?
reopened theatres with actresses
what were 2 poetry types?
elegies (deaths), and odes
what was the first english novel and what was it written in?
Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe, prose