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when responding to and ordor of smoke in a commercial occupancy, a telephone exchange, or a building that houses a transformer, what hazard may be present in the burning insulation?
dangerous smoke, pcb or pvc giving off hydrogen chloride.
at an odor of smoke call, a flickering , dim, or nonfunctional fluorescent lamp can indicate that the (blank), is heating up.
it is possible, in ballast devices manufactured before 1979, that the capcitator contains a small amount of (blank) - contaminated dielectric fluid.
true or false--removing a fluorescent lamp smaller than eight feet will stop the flow of electricity.
underwriters laboraories didn't reuire thermal protection for approved recessed lighting until what year?
since the smell of overheating rubber mimics that of an electrical problem you should consider checking ________ or_______ at an electrical odor call.
belts or appliances.
if you suspect that ignited lint is the source of a smoke condition, you'll have to check both the clothes dryer itself and the entire run of the _________.
true or false: some new meters may be removed without interrupting the flow of electricity into the building.
a noninvasive way to check behind a wall for hot wires, smoldering beams, or acitve flaming is to use a _______.
in a residential building will opening the main switch necessarily cut off all power to the home?
true or false: a loose wire in a junction box may cause overheating in another box, provoking a fire remote from the cause.
does aluminum siding pose a threat of shock hazard?
name 4 dangers associated woth spraying water on a burning pole mounted transformer.
1. explosion
2. arcing
3. electrocution
4. pcb contamination.
is it entirely safe to use a rope or a wooden pike pole to remove a downed power line from a vehicle?
if, at the request of the utility company, the decision is made to flood an electrical manhole, the proper procedure you should follow is to____
flood with unmanned butt o hose at low pressure.
the major problem experienced with electrical manholes in the northeast is deterioration due to _______
the most common home- heating fuels are _____ and _____.
oil and gas
based on its viscisity, fuel oil is seperated into how many grades?
to ignite the fuel oil in the combustion chamber of an oil burer, the fuel is _______, thus increasing its surface area.
safety devices allow an oil burner pump to operate for no more than ______ seconds if no flame is present.
the capacity of a ful tank in a typical residential building is______ gallons.
this oil burner emergency occurs when unburned atomonized fuel is ignited at the start of the burn cycle, resulting in an explosion.
delayed ignition.
the burning of pooled oil in the combustion chamber after the burner has shut down is known as ___________.
after fire
this condition occurs when the flame repeatedly jumps away from and then returns to the burner nose cone.
since the white ghost is a potentially explosive situation, you should treat it as a _________.
gas leak
on arrival at an oil burner emergency, should you close the furnace door if you find it open?
after shuttiing down the power and the fuel supply valve, what is the proper way to extinguish a fire in the conbustion chamber of an oil burner?
Let it burn out
dry chemical
if smoke is filling the burner room accompanied by an oily odor, suspect _____________.
white ghost
the primary thret of an oil spill in a basement is that the vapor will______.
typically, on residentio water heaters, the temperature-pressure valve will function if the water reaches____degrees F or if the pressure exceeds_______psi
name 2 symptoms of a defective temperature-pressure valve
water flow from discharge,
steam from faucet.
the natural gas intended for domestic use contains 70-90% _____ with______ making up most of the remainder.
although natural gas is nontoxic it can cause death by______.
typically, the odorant added to natural gas is _________.
natural gas is about _____ as dense as air.
high-pressure gas transmission lines can be pressurized to as much as ______psi.
each end user has a gas regulator installed to lower the pressure down to a usable pressure of about____ psi
the main danger of having water ion a gas line is that it can _____in the same manner as an air slug.
for every increase in temperature of 459 degrees F, the volume of air_________.
to some extent odorants can be absorbed by iron gas pipe, but only when the pipe is ______.
device that enables you to detemine not nly that natrual gas is present byt also its concetration and whether or not it is within its flammable range?
digital flammable as detector
name tow probable results of excessive gas flow to an appliance.
flame above burner or flame out
blocked burner ports, accumulated dirt, and low gas pressure can all result in _________
delayed ignition
when responding to an interior gas leak, you should positio apparatus defensively against______ and ________.
collapse and explosion
true or false: the hazards associated with a propane gas leak are different from those of a natural gas leak.
in the case of a slight leak, is a gas indicator likely to give accurate results if you slip the probe underneath the door of a locked apartment? why?
gas will rise higher unless propane
the shut offfound on the supply side of a gas meter is known as a _______.
true of false: since metal pipe is conductive, gas leaking from a metal pipe poses a static electricity hazard.
false: plastic piping poses the hazard
is it possible to stop the flow of gas from a small plastic pipe by folding the pipe over on it self?
yes (watch the static)
fresh water weighs approx._____ pounds per cubic foot at ______ degrees F.
62.4 lbs
40 degrees
by weight how much water will be on a 30 by 45 foot roof if the water level is 3 inches deep?
L x w xD
30 x 45 x .25 equals 337.5 cubic feet. now 337. x 62.4= 21,060 pounds
when siphoning water off a roof, the author recommends that you use a length or two of one inch rubber booster line since it will not________.
one disadvantage of using an eductor is that it requires that a __________ be left at the scene of a dewatering operation.
describe what may happen if rising water meets an electrical outlet.
may trip breaker and electrocute.
true or false: while poking a sagging plasterboard ceiling o reliever the buildup of water above it, you should use the handle of the pike pole.
True or False: dewatering a flooded basement removes the threat of electrocution.
is it possible to shut down a hydrant to quickly? why or why not.
yes, water hammer
when called to the scene of a reported main break, what should your first action be?
verify leak is from main, verify sources
explain why, if source of the street flooding isn't obvious, you should search for the location of a broken water man on foot.
possible holes and weight of apparatus.
stopping distance for passenger vehicles at 60 mph
total stopping distance for passenger vehicles at 60 mph
add reaction time to stopping distance. 66 feet
228-268 feet
a fire fighter should treat every vehicle fire as a potential_____________
haz mat incident
to avoid the hazard of shock-absorbing bumpers, how should you approach a burning vehicle?
from the sides
what 2 gases are formed within a battery as it charges?
hydrogen and oxygen
the explosive range of hydrogen is from _______percent to _______ percent
in some vehicles, particulary those with ______ engines, ther may be more than onw batery.
what is the principle hazard associated with the fuel lines of modern fuel injected vehicles?
pressurized fuel lines
are power steering fluid and automatic transmissio fluid flammable?
a fire impinging on a propane cylinder may lead to what type of explosion?
can a fuel tank of a vehicle powered by compressed natural gas experience the same type of explosion as a propane tank?
no.. it does not contain liquid
the author recommends thoroughly searching the trunk at every incident. but particularly under what condition?
abandoned vehicle
normally!!if the burning vehicle is on a slope, you should place the apparatus ahead or below it.
name two ways to introduce water into the trunk besides opening or cutting the lid.
tail light or back seat
treat a car burning inside a garage as a _________ fire.
how can a vise grip be used to hold up a garage door?
clamp the door track to hold the door open
when setting out flares to warn traffic of an incident site, how should they be placed?
space out beyond estimated total stopping distance, direc away from fire operations.
when responding to a food on the stove call, the type of incident that you encounter depends in large degree on___________
what is being cooked.
true or false: the method of forcible enty used at a food on the stove incident shuold be in strict accordance with SOP's so as to protect the department against legal action.
if yo receive a number of calls foe an odor of smoke at a multifamily residence need you check out each one?
the reported occupancy and the location of the calling party. yes!
smoke from a burning food probably contains nitrogen dioxide. name some of the symptoms of no2 poisoning.
nausea, headaches
what is perhaps the best way to ope a double-sash window to ventilate an apartment?
2/3 out the top and 1/3 out the bottom
if a firefighter encounter heat while searching for victims and the surce of the smoke, it is an indication that________________________
there is more that a food on the stove emergency.
is extension a possibility if you find a pot that is only smoking?
yes. flame could have burned out prior to your arrival and extended.
true or false: spraying water into a pan of burning cooking oil may cause the oil to splatter, but will suppress the flames.
is a glass of water enough to put out a fire in an oven?
yes, if you close the door and shut off the gas.
if the shutoff typically found before the flexible connector was involved in the fire doesn't work then you should __________
shutoff gas at meter.
after extinguishing a mattress fire in an apartment, where must you search?
the entire apartment, walls, ceiling, adjoining apartment, and the apartment above.
even after ousing a mattress fire with an extinguisher, you should________________
soak the mattress with a hand line.
to thoroughly extinguish a smoldering mattress, you should_______
cut open mattress to extinguish fire at the core.
true or false: extinguishing the fire in a foam mattress will curtail the generation of combustible gases.
to avoid an eruptionof flames when pushing a mattress out a window, how should you prepare the mattress?
fold the mattress in half so that the burned side is toward the fold.
true or false: it is advisable to use an elevator when that is the fastest way to get a burned mattress out of the building.
what is the bes way to stay our of the smoke if , for whatever reason, you aren't equipped with a scba at a rubbish fire?
keep the wind to your backand utilize the reach of your hose stream.
why isn't the type of occupancy and adequate indication of the hazards associated with a fire in the dumpster out back.?
illegal dumping can occur.
true or false: because of he many void spaces in trash, it is better to overhaul a dumpster fire manually than hydraulically.
the primary life hazard at a dumpster is that of _________
fire crew
perhaps the best way to overhaul a pile of automobiles at a junkyard fire is ti use _______ in conjunction with hydraulic overhaul techniques.
a crane
the author mentions a simple way of identifying holes in the floors and stairways of derelict buildings. what is it?
shine light through the bottom of holes up.
when directing a master stream into a derelict building, how can an incident commander judge whether too much water is collecting in or being absorbed by the structure
water should be pouring out structure
what is the purpose if marking a derelict building?
alert other responders crews to the condition of buildings.
carbon monoxide has more than____times the affinity for hemoglobin as oxygen.
true or false: although urning oil and propane are well know to produce carbon monoxide, natural gas does not.
UL has set the minimums for CO detectors in its standard know as __________
ul 2034
why wasn't CO poisoning in the home as much of a recognized problem prior to the 1970's as it is today> give 2 reasons.
rising fuel prices, and older buildings were not as tighly sealed as they are now.
by current statistics, how many deaths in the united states are attributable to carbon monoxide poising each year? how many?
1,500 deaths and 10,000 illnesses
a hemoglobin molecule has how many binding sites for oxygen/
as the body is deprived of oxygen, the body tries to compensate by increasing the______ rate.
respiration or breathing
given continues exposure to carbon monoxide, a person's COHb level will rise until equilibrium is established with________
ambient level of co
a 3 percent COhb evel at a mere 1,400 feet is equivalent to ____ percent COhb at sea level.
the smaller the victims body mass, the _____ and _______ the effect of CO on his system.
greater , faster
wht tissues of he body are the most quickly and most adversely affected by carbon monoxide?
heart and brain
is cherry red coloration of a suspected victim a reliable indicator of CO poisoning?
mild CO poisoning mimics the symptoms of ____
with 100 percent o2 and a tight fitting mask, the half-life of blood stream CO drops to about______
80 minutes.
true or false: hyperbaric patients can later suffer a relapse as CO is slowly released from muscle tissue.
the vapor density of carbon monoxide is
the explosive range of carbon monoxide is ___to_____
12.5 - 74%
______fuels crate the most carbon monoxide, ____fuels generate less, and ____fuels produce the least.
solid, liquid,gas
why will a cold pot temporarily increase the formation of CO WHEN IT IS PLACED on the burner of a gas stove?
becasuse it lowers the temp of the flame
before reaching operating temperature, a gas oven can give off as much as ___ppm of carbon monoxide.
what is reverse stacking?
down draft mechanically induced
according to the test, a car that hasn't been warmed up can initially give off ____ppm or mor of carbon monoxide
how many us homes are currently equipped with CO detectors percentage wise?
who should determine exactly how many ambulances are needed when dispatch receives a call for a CO emergency?
first on scene fire officer
true or false: the amount of CO THAT SETS Off an alarm would usually, given time, be lethal.
to detect low level sources it is important that a firefighter use a CO meter capable of sensing gas levels from__ppm to at least___ppm and preferably___ppm.
which government agency sets the most stringent standards for acceptable levels of CO?
when interviewing an occupant at a CO response, you should first take readings________
at the door.
if after a thorough search of the house for CO and defective appliances, you find nothing, you should ______
a carbon monoxide meter that can record CO activity in a home over time and later download the information into a computer is called a ____ ______.
data logger
a gas flame that isn't properly adjusted and is giving off excess CO will be what color?
yellow or orange
what sort of detector absorbs ambient CO and is based on a synthetic hemoglobin contained in a small gel cell?
the more CO that the gel cell absorbs, the _____it gets
is the color of the nodule a sufficient indicator o tell whether a CO detector is of an old or new design?
yes..older models are white, newer ones are white with contrasting lettering.
in a semiconductor detector, o2____the electrical resistance of the tin dioxide sensor, whereas carbon monoxide_______it.
decreases. increases
what is the power source used for a semiconductor detector?
110 volt, plugged or wired
as semiconductors age do they become more or less sensitive?
semiconductor detectors may react to high levels of ________as if they had been exposed to CO.
natural gas
this type of detector is composed of three electrodes in a pastel ike electrolyte and a membrane that is porous only to gas.
the typical life span of any carbon monoxide detector is about__years.
originally published in April 1992, UL 2034 was revise in Oct. of what year?
the 1192 version of the standard required that the detectors sound an alarm when the CO present in the air would cause the COHb in a healthy adult to reach__percent.
at 400 ppm, UL 2034 requires a CO detector tosound an alarm within what length of time?
true or false: UL requires that a detector pass the rush-hour test for how many days in a row?
does the revised standard require all CO detectors to have a reset button?
the IAS stanard requires that an alarm not sound before the occupants COHb levels reach __percent.
true or false: carbon monoxide detectors may be triggered by a thermal inversion.