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Windpipe; Tubular passageway extending from larynx to fifth vert.
Divides to form r and l primary bronchi
ap. 4.5 inches
Length of trachea
ap. 1 inch
Diameter of trachea
Location of trachea
anterior to esophagus, divides into right and left bronchi at the carina
Support of trachea
semicircular rings of hyalin cartilage
Right and left primary bronchi
Trachea divides to form?
Primary bronchi
Consists of right and left primary bronchus
Divide to form secondary (lobar) bronchi
Right primary bronchus
Penetrates right lung; more verticle, shorter and wider than the left
Left primary bronchus
Penetrates left lung
Lining of primary bronchi
Epithelial layer of pseudostratified cilited columnar
Support of bronchi "C"
Semicircular rings of hyaline cartilage
Secondary (lobar) Bronchi
Primary bronchi divide to form?
Secondary (lobar) bronchi
One secondary bronchus penetrates each lobe of the lung
2 lobes; thus 2 lobar bronchi
# of lobes in left lung
3 lobes; thus 3 lobar bronchi
# of lobes in right lung