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respiratory acidosis
hypoventilation: rapid, shallow, breathing. dyspnea on exertion
respiratory alkalosis
hyperventilation:deep, rapid breathing, shortness of breath, feeling of tightness in chest
metabolic acidosis
kussmaul's breathing very rapid and deep respirations
metabolic alkalosis
resp. slower and shallow
rales: cracking and moist
bradypnea, respiratory arrest if severe.
chvostek's sign
when the face is tapped over the cacial nerve, anterior to the ear, facial muscles will contract or twitch if the pt. has abnormally low levels of serum calcium or mag
trousseau's sign
inflate bp cuff around the upper arm to 20 mmHg highter than their normal systolic pressure, with in on to five minutes a carpal spasm my occur if pt. has ab. low calcum and mag