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What drug group would be used first for an acute asthma attack?
What is Singulair?
A leukotriene Antagonist bronchodialator. generic anme of montelukast
What are common side effects of adrenergic bronchiodialator drugs?
Tachycardia, hypertension
What are the four kinds of bronchodialators?
Beta Agonist
Leukotriene Antagonist
Methylxanthine agents
(THINK B A L M for your Bronchi)
Methylxanthine Agent is what?
Dialates bronchial airway - rarely used. ALso dialates pulmonary blood vessels.
Memory aid for Methylxanthine
My Thigh Examine
What's another name for theophylline
Slo Phyllin, Theodur
What are side effects of Methylxanthine agents?
Head ache, nausea & Vomiting, tachycardia, shakiness
Memory Aid - Examine my shaking Thigh & Being nauseated
What drugs trade name begin with Z?
Zyfolo (Leukotriene antagonist)
Zyrtec (antihistamine)
What drug's trade name is three initials?
isoniazid (INH) for TB
memory aid (I NO HAVE it)
What is SUDAFED?
Decongestent (pseudoephredrine)
What is cloratidine?
CLARITIN D - A decongestant
What do topical decongestants do?
cause local vasoconstriction of dialated arterioles, decreasing nasal congestion
What are two drugs that end in cort, and what do they do?
Azmacort and Pulmicort, both inhaled corticosteroids. Inhibiting the inflammatory response
What is Flonase?
Inhaled corticosteroid