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Respiration difficult or weak; dysnea on slight exertion, even crossing the room or talking briefly.
End of serious respiratory infections such as pneumonia or bronchitis.

Weakness!! < slight exertion, worse talking, better lying.
End of serious respiratory infections such as pneumonia or bronchitis.

Weakness!! < slight exertion, worse talking, better lying.
Cannot speak or exert from weak, hollow feeling in chest. Empty, hollow feeling in chest.
Expectoration copious, sweet or salty taste.
Cold. The first sneeze or shiver, esp after exposure to cold wind. Thirst, restless.
Cold. Paroxysms of sneezing, eyes and nose stream, nose & lips raw WORSE warm room BETTER fresh air.
Allium cepa
Cold. Takes cold at every chg of weather. Sneezing frequent and painful. Thin, watery, burning discharge.
Arsenicum album
Cold. Violent onset after exposure, esp to head, not much discharge, nose swollen and red. Very thirsty.
Cold. Follows exposure to cold wet weather or being chilled, Severe sneezing WORSE cold room, wants nose warm. Eyes and nose stream, esp indoors. Neck stiff, throat sore.
Cold. Early stage of cold - with few marked indications.
Ferrum Phos
Cold. The Influenza type cold, from warm moist weather or chg of weather, discharge makes nose sore, heavy lids.
Cold. Follows exposure to cold, dry weather. Much sneezing, discharge watery to think, WORSE least draft, peevish.
Hepar sulph
Cold. Colds from every exposure, esp damp, Violent sneezing, watery acrid discharge, eyes water, HA, pain root of nose WORSE heat.
Kali iodatum
Cold. Sneezes violently, nose drips, corrosive, green-yellow, offensive, nose red, throat sore, hoarse, dry tickly cough.
Cold. From exposure to dry cold, Much sneezing, nose alt. blocked or runs, stuffed night , very chilly BETTER outside.
Nux vomica
Cold. Begins chest or throat, sneezing --> pain in throat or head, nose blocked/runs, throat sore, hoarse, tight chest WORSE warm to cold, vice versa.
Cold. Persistent, stuffed night or warm room, thick, yellow d/c - worse outside. BETTER outside.
Influenza. Streaming eyes and nose, chilliness, great prostration, burning pains BETTER warm applications, thirst.
Influenza. Very rapid prostration, high fever, gastric sxs, stuporous state, looks drugged, dull red face, smells bad.
Influenza. Very hot, dry, wants to lie still and let alone, aches all over, irritable WORSE least movement BETTER pressure.
Influenza. Severe pains in limbs and back, bones feel "broken", dare not to move, bursting HA, shiver, chills. Eyeballs sore.
Eupatorium perfoliatum
Influenza. Chills up/down spine, cold/hot, great heaviness, tired body esp head and eyelids. Hard cough. No thirst. Bursting HA.
Influenza. Very chilly, shivering, chill from drinking, aching limbs and back, stomach upset, nose stuffed night, irritable, oversensitive.
Nux vomica
Influenza. Severe pains in back and thighs, SO chilly that no fire can warm, rapid pulse, intense restlessness, violent pulsations, bursting HA, bed feels too hard, SEPTIC STATES.
Influenza. Clingy and weepy, BETTER sitting up. Yellow-green d/c or expectoration, THRISTLESS.
Influenza. Quickly affects the lungs, esp right lung. Lots of cough. Could bleed. Crave cold drinks.
Pneumonia. Comes on quickly, causation of cold or fright, starts in night, restlessness.
Pneumonia. Weak constitution, can't get slime out, rattling. lack oxygen.
Antimonium tart
Pneumonia. Can't move. Irritable. DRY. Thirst. Fever, very pale/ashen.
Pneumonia. Looks well but with red circles on cheeks, strong tubercular miasm, changeable, not too high of fever.
Ferrum phos
Pneumonia. Really ill children. They cough to vomit!! May have bleeding (nose, sputum) The power of the cough may cause bleeding - just a little bit blood. Capricious, tubercular miasm.
Pneumonia. Rarely used in pneumonia cases, cough, weak <night, Feels guilty if things are not proper, guilt causing restlessness in moving hands (wringing)
Kali brom
Pneumonia. Kali sxs, strong personality, cough and have to sit up with arms on knees bent over.
Kali carb
Pneumonia. Good for prodrome with pain in chest and constriction, need to walk fast to relieve pain then need to be very quiet. Two stages, need to know what happened before they became quiet.
Pneumonia. Right sided lung, lying on ill side. Worse 4-8 afternoon, Needs company, moving of nostrils. Wants warm drinks and sweets.
Pneumonia. Dangerous, syphilitic pneum., stinking, fever worse night, sense that pneumonia is very dangerous.
Pneumonia. they are COLD!! shiver when lifting the cover, irritated, oversensitive, causation = lack sleep, cold, anger.
Nux vomica
Pneumonia. Left sided. Cannot lie on left side. Thirst, fears, protect by holding them, likes rubbing on back. Cause - cold air.
Cold. Onset is delayed, symptoms slow to develop; much sneezing, eyes red and watery, nasal discharge watery, great thirst BETTER lying down and no motion.
Asthma: < 11:30pm to 2-3am. Sips warm drinks. Darting pain, upper portion of right lung; Anxious.
Fear of death.
Arsenicum alb.
Asthma associated with hay fever. Hay fever, with acrid watery discharge.
Arsenicum Iodatum
Sudden attacks of suffocation, worse 3 am, worse emotions.
Cough better by cold drinks. (Caust.)
Paroxysms of cough, very severe.
Spasm and constriction of chest.
Asthmatic bronchitis and coughs especially of children.
Rattling cough.
Constant constriction in chest.
Coughs until blue.
Especially indicated if associated with nausea and vomiting.
Especially indicated if associated with nausea and vomiting.
Asthma, worse 3 to 4 am or at 3 am. Better sitting upright. Better leaning forward.
< cold air, weather, drafts
Kali carb
Psychogenic dyspnea.
Respiratory distress, even cyanosis, but lungs are clear to auscultion and function normally.
> rapid walking
Lobeila: Indian Tobacco
Asthma < 4am, worse damp, worse exertion.
Asthma of children.
Asthma after grief.
Empty, all-gone feeling in the chest.
Natrum sulph.
Asthma, often allergic asthma.
Dyspnea or oppression in the chest, worse lying, worse evening and night, worse from taking cold.
Cough at night in bed, preventing or interrupting sleep, especially in children.
Asthma, worse at night and after midnight. Laryngeal spasm or suffocation. Dry cannot expire. Dry burning heat during sleep but copious sweat on waking.
Asthma. Constriction, tickling, and dryness in throat.
Asthma AND thyroid conditions.
Respiratory conditions AND testicular pains.
Asthma, difficult respiration, wants windows open; Much rattling of mucus; Pulse more rapid in am than pm. Thirsty
Often follows aconite or ferrum phos. Throat constricted; short, quick respiration; Dry cough; Larynx very painful; high piping voice. Moans every breath.
Bronchitis worse entering warm room. 2 Remedies
Bryonia and Nat c
Bronchitis. Must press chest with hand for relief. Paroxysms follow one another very rapidly.
Cough so painful that they try to suppress it. Chilly. Thirsty. Respiration rapid
Recurring respiratory infections; every cold goes to chest.
Cough from laughing or talking. Copious green, sweetish sputum; extreme weakness; pains increase gradually then slowly subside.
Stannum: Tin
Profuse watery discharge, "like a faucet."
Acrid nasal discharge.
Sensitive to light.
Allium cepa
Right-sided coryza. Burning.
Arsenicum album
Hayfever, with acrid watery discharge.
Arsenicum Iodatum
Nasal obstruction and severe sinusitis. Boring headaches at inner angle of the right eye.
So bad hints at possibility of suicide
Hayfever, especially at the end of summer or in fall.
Nose stuffs up with cold rain.
Coryza with bland rhinorrhea and acrid, profuse lacrimation.
Eyes burning, irritated; photophobia; intense blinking. Cough only in daytime.
Euprasia: Eyebright
Hayfever, especially in over-mentalized pt.
Loss of smell and taste;
Discharge of raw white of egg.
Nat mur.
Hungry or unusually well before an attack; anxiety; chilly
Cough, bronchitis or asthma with dyspnea and fatigue better from lying down, especially from lying on the back with arms spread out " as if cruicified."
Feels inexplicably well the day before is about to get ill.
Feels inexplicably well the day before is about to get ill.
Hayfever with tremendous sneezing; where sneezing is the primary complaint.
Sinusitis: pressure, fullness and pain at root of nose; ulcerated septum; fetid smell, discharge is thick ropy, greenish-yellow, tough; loss of smell; Coryza with nasal obstruction; violent sneezing; Strong nasal quality to voice.
Sinusitis: nostrils raw, ulcerated; swelling of nasal bones; caries with greenish fetid ulceration; easy, profuse sweat.
Catarrh, foul smell of nasal secretion; posterior nasal catarrh, hawking; much mucus from throat, < slightest draft; < from sun
Natrum carb
Violent, fluent coryza; thirsty;
< heat of sun
Nat mur.
Stuffed-up, especially at night; stuffy colds, snuffles. Stuffed-up outdoors.
Sneezing and coryza in morning on waking or on rising.
Nux vomica
Bland and often greenish nasal discharge. Short of breath, chilly; shifting symptoms.
Thick, greenish discharge, yellowish saddle across nose.
Left-sided headaches, especially over the left eye.
Chronic, dry nasal obstruction.
Hard crusty discharge which bleed when loosened.
Ill effects of vaccination.
Ill effects of vaccination.
Hay Fever: nose and eyes stream, sneezing is severe and of increasing frequency, lip and nostrils become sore, worse indoors, in morning, from contact with flowers and peach bloom.
Hay fever: Allium Cepa
Hay fever: sneezing violent and painful, violent tickle at one particular spot inside the nose, not relieved by sneezing, profuse watery discharge which burns lip, worse change in weather, restless and worried.
Hay fever: Arsenicum Album
Hay fever: constant sneezing, nose stuffed up, or nose and eyes strain, eyes swell and water, then nose runs, then eyes water again, worse open air, damp, being chilled when hot, contact with newly cut hay.
Hay fever: Dulcamara
Hay fever: much sneezing, discharge from nose is bland, but eye discharge is burning, throat often involved, with hard dry cough, worse open air, windy, lying down.
Hay fever: Euphrasia
Hay fever: violent sneezing, nose streams in morning and discharge is excoriating, eyes feel hot and heavy, much tingling in nose, throat dry and burning, swallowing causes pain in ears, face hot aching all over limbs feel heavy.
Hay fever: Gelsemium
Hay fever: prolonged distressive spells of sneezing, nose apt to be stuffed up at night, excessive irritation in nose, eyes, and face, itching extends to larynx and trachea, face feels as if close to a hot iron plate, chilly an irritable.
Hay fever: Nux vomica
Hay fever, "rose colds," the patient is very sensitive to odors, flowers and airborne pollen.
Sanguinaria: Bloodroot
Cough better from eructation or flatus, better vomiting.

Asthma AND heartburn.
Sanguinaria: Bloodroot
Asthma, < evening or at night, better from open air.

Warm-blooded, < from heat or warm wraps.
> from cold and open air.

Craves: Sweets.
Aversion: Eggs
Kali sulphuricum
Wheezing and rattling in the chest during sleep, especially in children.

3 Remedies.
Asthma, < evening or at night, better open air.
Cyanosis of newborns.
2 Remedies
1) Great coldness & intolerance to cold.
2)End-stage has feeble pulse.
1) Laurocerasus: Cherry Laurel.
2) Ant-T.
Overwhelming sleepiness during a cough or bronchitis.

(Overwhelming sleepiness-Nux Moschata.)
Antimonium potassium tartrate
Coryza during stool.

Intolerance to onions.
Craving or aversion to onions and garlic.
Hayfever, especially when associated with itching in the ears and the upper palate.

Gen. < before thunderstorm.
Gen. < from coition.
Agaricus: Toad stool
Asthma in the fall.